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ST151Winter has a tendency to sneak up on just about everyone. The leaves begin drifting off the branches and a slight chill permeates the air. Winter hits hard and fresh and that first storm awakens everyone to the reality that winter is here for the long haul. SnowEx plows sold in NJ remain some of the best products in the market to clear paveways and driveways so people can continue their busy lives. Below is a guide to some of the highest-quality winter products sold in NJ, specifically plows and blowers. These two tools clear snow with the utmost efficiency and allow those in New Jersey to fight back against the overwhelming winter snowfall.

Husqvarna 208cc Blower

The Husqvarna brand has largely been about efficiency and simplicity in design and use. This model doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles of comparable products. At only $599, the price is quite reasonable. The Husqvarna ST151 is all about power and ease of use. It has a small frame that assists in its easy storage and carrying around. It doesn’t have that bulky cumbersome weight that holds down other products. It has a single stage snow blow setting with 208cc engine. The Husqvarna works best for use against snow that is about 6 inches deep. It also has an electric start and some accommodating LED lights along the side of the blower. This product is another winner from Husqvarna!

Ariens Deluxe Blower

The above Husqvarna is a compact snow blower used for residential use and a simple to carry device for some smaller-scaled snow blowing. The Ariens Deluxe 28 inch is another entity entirely out of the many snow plows sold in NJ. The AX306 is currently priced at $1,299. At its scale, the price is more than worth it. It is suitable for the densest and heaviest snow capable of being removed. It is best used in an environment that needs to take on heavy snowfall, particularly where very few people are handling the job. The plow in the front is a powerhouse, fitted across a 14 inch steel serrated auger. The displacement comes in at 306cc and the product displays 6 speeds in total with 2 in reverse.

ST227P Snow Thrower

Snow is not only just blown away, but it can be tossed away as well. The functionality of a thrower is similar compared to a blower, but the goal is more to sift and toss through a siphon at the top of the equipment. The ST227P is a homeowner’s thrower. It has a compact frame and comes at an affordable price point. It has a single button for an electric start, so there was no bulky and complex design choice made for starting and turning it off. It boasts adjustable skid shoes to accommodate different snow lengths and is ideally fitted for more than a foot of snow.

There is an assortment of snow plows sold online for prices ranging from a couple hundred dollars to well over a couple thousand. These blowers and plows are monsters against snowfall. The reality is that people need to have snow around their property or business removed. Those that have that ability to remove it are in high demand and that could be an unquestionable benefit when the storms rip through the city.

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