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Hibiscus plants are stunning, evergreen shrubs. This means that not only do the showy flowers provide gorgeous bursts of color all summer long, but the entire plant livens up the winter landscape with its vibrant green color. These plants are a wonderful addition to any garden. Even homeowners who don’t have much space can incorporate hibiscus plants into their yards. They can even be grown in pots on patios. The only thing these plants ask is that they are planted in a sunny location with great drainage.

hibiscusAnyone who wants a tropical, exotic plant for their yard should consider the hibiscus. Depending on the climate, these plants can grow up to fifteen inches high. The flowers can be up to six inches in diameter. The blooms come in a beautiful range of colors that include pink, yellow, red, and peach. These hardy plants don’t have too many pests to worry about; their main issue comes from the mealybug. Luckily, these are easy to spot so you’re able to control the problem before it gets out of hand.

Hibiscus plants can be planted in spring, summer, or fall. Unless your soil is very poor, it should be fine for these easy-to-grow plants. During the growing season, feed them a couple of times per month and make sure that they get an inch of water each week. They like to be kept damp, but not soaked.

As if the lush greenery, gorgeous blooms, and versatility of this plant isn’t enough, there’s still more to love about it. If you love seeing beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds and would like to see them visit your yard more, this is the plant for you. The hibiscus is known for attracting both.

Finally, if you live in a cold area, hibiscus plants need to be protected when temperatures dip below freezing. Planting them in containers allows you to bring them indoors to keep them protected.

This plant is a stunning addition to any property’s landscaping. You almost can’t help but to smile and feel happy when you see a hibiscus flower.

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