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Equipment Rentals

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer a wide selection of top-of-the-line rental equipment to contractors and homeowners. With rentals, you can save money, access the latest equipment, and not worry about repairs or storage. We also offer machine and trailer combinations so you can transport machines to your job site or home safely and efficiently.

Whether you have a landscape, hardscape, or construction project, see our daily and weekly rental rates below to complete the job. In addition, monthly rates are available upon request.

Turf Equipment Pricing

stinger aerator

Walk-Behind Aerator

Stinger DH2475
Aerating Width: 24″
Daily Rental: $150

billy goat seeder

Walk-Behind Seeder

Billy Goat OS552H
Seeding Width: 24″
Daily Rental: $95

stinger aerator

Ride-On Aerator

Stinger QA3000
Aerating Width: 30″
Daily Rental: $240

stinger aerator with seed box

Ride-on Aerator

Stinger QA3000SB
Aerating Width: 30″
Daily Rental: $275

hydro drive seeder

Hydro-Drive Seeder

Stinger SS2400
Seeding Width: 24″
Daily Rental: $150
Hydrostatic drive for easier operation

billy goat sod cutter

Sod Cutter

Billy Goat SC181H
Dethatching Width: 24″
Daily Rental: $150

little wonder leaf blower

Leaf Blower

Little Wonder Optimax
Air Speed: 200 mph
Daily Rental: $85

exmark mower

Zero Turn Mowers

Deck Sizes: 48″ – 60″
Daily: $150, Weekly: $600
Collection System: Daily $75, Weekly $300

billy goat brush cutter

Brush Cutter

Billy Goat BC2600ICM
Cutting Width: 26″
Daily: $150, Weekly: $600

ferris spreader

Ride-on Spreader

Ferris Rover XC
Capacity: 200 lbs.
Daily: $250, Weekly: $1,000

Stand-On Blower

Billy Goat Z3000 Hurricane
Velocity: 165+ mph
Daily: $250, Weekly: $1,000

Hardscape Equipment Pricing

plate compactor

Plate Compactors

Compacting Width: 18″ – 20″
Daily: $95, Weekly: $380

vibratory rammer

Vibratory Rammer

Compacting Width: 11″
Daily: $95, Weekly: $380

pave roller

Pave Roller

Rolling Width: 17″
Daily: $150, Weekly: $500

pressure washer

Pressure Washers

PSI: 3600 & 4200
Daily: $95, Weekly: $380

power cutter

Power Cutter

Blade Size: 14″
Daily: $85, Weekly: $340

jack hammer

Jack Hammer (Electric)

Blows Per Minute: 1050
Daily: $75, Weekly: $300

block splitter

Block Splitter

Cutting Width: 13″
Daily: $95, Weekly: $380

paver carrier

Paver Carrier

Capacity: 150 – 200 lbs.
Daily: $150, Weekly: $600

Earth Moving Equipment Pricing

track loader

Compact Track Loaders

Kubota SCL1000 & Ditch Witch SK1050
Daily: $270, Weekly: $1,040
Ditch Witch SK1550
Daily: $300, Weekly: $1,160


Compact & Mid-Size Excavators

Kubota U17
Daily: $375, Weekly: $1,500
Kubota U35
Daily: $425, Weekly: $1,700

track loader

Track Loaders

Cat 259D3 & Kubota SVL75-2
Daily: $385, Weekly: $1,500

Earth Moving Equipment Attachments Pricing

track loader

Compact Loader Attachments

Grapple Bucket 48″, Breaker (Multiple), Auger 9″, 12″, 24″, Snow Thrower 48″, Harley Rake 48″
Daily: $150, Weekly: $600
Pallet Forks 42″
Daily: $50, Weekly: $200

track loader

Full Size Loader Attachments

Grapple Bucket 72″
Daily: $250, Weekly: $1,000
Pallet Forks 48″
Daily: $75, Weekly: $300
Brush Mower 66″ & Harley Rake 84″
Daily: $275, Weekly: $1,000
Land Leveler Planer 78″
Daily: $200, Weekly: $800



Barreto 48″
Daily: $299, Weekly: $1,196



Utility/Landscape Trailer 7′ x 16′
Daily: $80, Weekly: $400
HD Equipment Trailer 7′ x 18′
Daily: $110, Weekly: $550

Stump Grinding

stump grinder

Stump Grinder

Barreto 30-SG
Daily: $299, Weekly: $1,196

kubota tractor
power tool
Bryant Horton

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Let our rental team advise you on the right equipment rentals and pricing to meet your short-term needs.

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Equipment, Rental & Service Manager

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Equipment Sales

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Service & Rental Advisor

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