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Thinking of purchasing Bulk Ice Melt? Ice melt comes in many different types. Ice melt is different than rock salt. Ice melt is made up of a single substance where rock salt can be made up of multiple compounds. Whether you need Monmouth County bulk mulch in the summer or bulk ice melt in the winter, Pantano Whole Nursery and Landscaping Supply is the place to visit. There are several benefits to using ice melt on and around your home.

Bulk Ice Melt

Bulk Ice Melt | Why Use It

Ice melt has become very popular with businesses and homes. Ice melt can work with extreme low temperatures better than rock salt. It has an advanced technology. Ice melt can be thrown on the ground before it snows and ice for it to melt quicker. Ice melt has the appearance of flakes. This helps it to be fast acting and melts ice quicker than rock salt.

Bulk Ice Melt | Affordable

Some homeowners and business owners do not want to purchase ice melt because of the cost. A drawback of not using ice melt during winter months can become more costly. It is best to stay safe and invest on a good ice melting substance during the season. The ability of removing ice with ice melt is amazing. Ice melt can help the surface from having ice form. Ice can form on concrete and stone and make it very slippery. Ice melt does a great job on eliminating slippery surfaces and makes roads and walkways safe.

Bulk Ice Melt | Safer for Plants and Pets

Ice melt is safe for plants and pets. Ice melt is a much safer alternative to melt your ice. It is kinder to pets, gardens and grass. Ice melt with its strength, ensures a safe passage for cars and pedestrians to go through. Ice melt can also reduce the risk of accidents on roads by preventing dangerous conditions.

Bulk Ice Melt | Continuously Working

The technology makeup of ice melt has a longer residual action which reduces the number of times you need to apply it. Products with a longer action time may seem more expensive but it will save on the amount used. It also reduces the labor used when reapplying ice melt. Ice melt comes in liquid and solid form. The solid form absorbs the moisture from the top of the ice. This softens the ice and the ground surface. Liquid form can be applied before snow and ice falls. It is used as a pretreatment.

Bulk Ice Melt | Different Types

There are several different types of ice melt. There is calcium chloride which is one of the most effective in lower temperatures. When it touches the ice or snow it absorbs the moisture and produces heat causing the ice to melt. Magnesium Chloride is a bit slower in melting and some can be more expensive. It releases some heat therefore, melting the ice in colder temperatures. Sodium Acetate is one of the most environmentally friendly. It does not contain chlorides. It is the most expensive of all. In addition, it will not cause corrosion on metals. This form has a longer residual effect. The homeowner or business owner does not have to apply it often. It continues working for a while.

Searching for the best Bulk Ice Melt company? Pantano Wholesale Nursery and Landscaping Supply store has it all. Pantano Wholesale Nursery and Landscape Supply is a one stop place for contractors and industry professionals. It is a great resource for homeowners in New Jersey. We carry bulk rock salt, bagged rock salt, bulk ice melt and much more. Furthermore, we are open extended hours during snow and ice storms and can handle your immediate needs for any storm. Pantano has a full selection of snow and ice removal products. Come and visit today!

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