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In New Jersey, landscapers introduce new concepts into their designs to maximize the benefits of the design. These new additions could include speckled Japanese shrubberies that provide multiple purposes. Landscapers provide Aucuba plants for sale in NJ to enhance residential landscaping designs.

Adding Color to Shaded Areas

The Aucuba provides color to shaded areas of the landscaping design. The plants are available in a variety of colors. The most common are gold with speckles. They also provide alternating patterns as well. The leaves are a deep green and provide an amazing color scheme for the landscaping design. The landscaper uses these plants to create brilliant patterns throughout the design.

Adding Height to the Landscaping Design

The Aucuba plants can grow up to ten feet in height. They also grow to up to nine feet in width. The trees aren’t mature until they are at least twelve years old. However, they present homeowners with widespread foliage. Landscapers use these plants to add height to these designs. This creates an amazing pattern throughout the concepts. The landscaper installs these shrubs based on its current size as well as how it affects the design when it matures.

Creating a Colorful Border

The colors of the aucuba provide a color border around the property. The landscaping designers creates stand alone borders and patterned shapes with these grand shrubs. They present consistency into the design by generating the border. These options are great for encompassing smaller plants in the center of the design. The landscaper creates a concept that adds aesthetic appeal to the property. These borders may increase the property’s value by up to twenty percent.

What Conditions are Best for These Plants?

The plants need adequate shade year-round. These enables them to stay a deep green color. Too much sunlight alters the color and makes it appear much darker than it is. Additionally, the plants need milder temperatures. They will survive cold winter months without damage.

How Do Homeowners Maintain These Plants?

These plants don’t require extensive maintenance. The homeowner needs to water them sparingly. The soil should be moist, but it shouldn’t be excessively wet. The shrubs don’t require the property owner to trim or prune the plant to keep it beautiful. The only maintenance needed for these plants is gradual trimming if branches die or become damaged.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

These plants grow amazingly outdoors and indoors. Homeowners that wish to remove the plants from the landscaping design later could place them in decorative containers. These plants thrive in containers as well as they do in the ground. This allows the homeowner to use theme for a grander variety of purposes. They are extraordinary house plants for property owners who have adequate space in their property.

In New Jersey, residential property owners add aucuba plants into their landscaping designs due to their color and height. These beautifully green plants are excellent for generating borders and patterns. Property owners who wish to acquire aucuba plants for sale in NJ should contact Pantano Nursery.

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