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Getting rid of leaves in the yard is just one of those ongoing chores that many homeowners face. Keeping your yard clear not only makes it look tidier, it can help grass get much needed oxygen and sunlight. But the battle of the leaves is never ending, so you need some help. You need some power in your corner. Leaf blowers are a helpful tool in the fight against falling leaves. There are many choices to make when buying a blower, however, so it’s a really good idea to ask a professional. Some considerations to make are things like the size of your property, and how much power you need to clear it. When you consult a dealer, you get professional advice from someone who is just as passionate about gardening as you are. Ask your local gardening professionals for expert advice on how to choose the right leaf blower for your yard.
How to Choose the Right Leaf Blower

How To Choose The Right Leaf Blower | Benefits of Blowers

A leaf blower is a very handy tool in your gardening arsenal. Experts say that removing leaves from your lawn can help it say healthy all winter long. Some cool season grasses love the lower temperatures of the fall, and replenish during the cooler months. Removing the leaves allows grass access to the sunshine and oxygen it needs to stay healthy. So, while you want to keep your lawn leaf-free, you don’t want to do it at the expense of your back. Ask your local gardening expert how both you and your lawn can benefit from a powered leaf blower.

How To Choose The Right Leaf Blower | Options

When you are choosing the right leaf blower, there are many things to consider. A bigger property might require a stronger leaf blower so you don’t exhaust yourself trying to keep up. For smaller yards, battery operated blowers are a good choice. You can leave them charging when not in use, so they are always ready to go. Battery charged blowers have no cords, weigh less, and are very portable, making them ideal for everyone to use. Gas powered models also are cordless but run for a longer period, which is beneficial for larger properties. Consult a professional if you’re unsure which is best for you.

How To Choose The Right Leaf Blower | Personalized Attention

When you need expert advice, you need to talk to an expert, not just another salesman trying to sell off stock. You deserve the attention to detail that comes from consulting a true power equipment specialist. By going to a gardening authority, you get personalized attention. The staff are knowledgeable about their inventory, and willing to take the time to answer questions. With a large line of power equipment, it is a guarantee they will have just what you are looking for. A highly trained, experienced staff can ensure that you get exactly what you need in a leaf blower.  We carry models includeing: Husqvarna 550iBTX Battery Operated Backpack Leaf Blower, Husqvarna 436LiB Battery Operated Leaf Blower, Husqvarna 580BFS Mark II Backpack Leaf Blower, Husqvarna 130BT Handheld Leaf Blower, Husqvarna 525BX Handheld Leaf Blower, Husqvarna 320iB Battery Operated  Redmax EBZ8550 Backpack and more!
Removing the leaves from your yard might be hard work, but it does have many benefits. Your yard looks clean and tidy, adding to its curb appeal, and the grass can get the sunshine it needs. Depending on the size of the yard, however, it can feel like a full time job. A leaf blower can make the job easier and quicker. Raking leaves is arduous and strenuous, but a leaf blower makes the task less stressful on your body. It can be hard to know what you need for your situation, though. Sometimes you just need some expert advice, someone knowledgeable to help you make the right choice. If you’re unsure how to choose the right leaf blower, experts are ready to help.

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