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knock-out-rosesOne of the most prized flowers in any garden are the roses. These beautiful and deeply loved blooms are available in many colors and sizes. They look wonderful paired with any type of greenery and any other floral displays. One of the most notable types of roses to suddenly take over the hearts and gardens of many are known as Knock Out Roses.

In addition to being beautiful, these roses are praised for being strong and durable, long-lasting and requiring very little maintenance. They have a long bloom life so they can be enjoyed through spring, summer and potentially into early fall. They are suitable for growing in much of the country and will easily fill in spots in any type of flower garden. Adding to their long list of benefits, there is also the fact that they are resistant to disease and mildew.

With seven different colors available it is possible to create an entire display of just Knock Out roses. Since they are consistently putting out new blooms during their growing season, it is certain that their space could be awash with cheer and color all summer. The bushes can be as much as four feet tall at maturity or pruned to be kept smaller.

Of all of the varieties, the Blushing Knock Out Rose is one of the most popular. This rose has soft pink petals that are very flattering against pastel flowers as well as those in more vibrant shades. This rose is very deceptive as its delicate appearance belies the reality of how carefree and hardy it really is.

There are numerous uses for these roses, although they will thrive most when they are planted in full or partial sun. Planted close together they create an alluring hedge that will be hard to resist. The blooms are bright and cheery, but they do lack the fragrance many have come to expect from roses. However the fact that they need no special care, never need to be deheaded and can grow in practically any type of soil will make up for this one drawback.

These landscape roses can be carefully tended, pruned and covered during winter or not. Either way, they will remain one of the most noticeable and appreciated additions to any garden. Forget about the fussy, frustrating roses that just continue to break your heart and learn more about how simple it really can be to grow a beautiful rose garden.

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