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Thinking of adding Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch to your garden? There are several benefits of adding mulch to your garden and landscaping. Mulch instantly gives your landscaping a beautiful finished look. Bulk mulch adds value to your home and business.

Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch

Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch | Beauty

When adding mulch to your garden and landscaping it brings out the beauty of the trees and plants around it. Mulch can be added to the landscape beds, the foundation of the home and around all the trees and plants around the property. The color of the shredded mulch will enhance the home and flower garden. Mulch also improves the soil on your property. Some insects and microbes consume the mulch over time and adds it back to the soil. Mulch releases nutrients back into the soil protecting the soil against rainwater that can wash away nutrients.

Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch | Protection

With mulch soil erosion can be controlled since it protects the soil from being washed away. Mulch improves the structure of the soil over time. It also protects against temperature changes. Mulch insulates the soil keeping the roots of the tree or plants cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. With the conservation of moisture, you will spend less time watering the plants. It slows the moisture evaporation so that the water remains in the soil longer and feeds the plants as they get thirsty. Adding mulch to your landscape will help fight off weeds. A good amount of mulch layered on the soil can prevent weeds from sprouting and taking over the landscape. It blocks the growth of the weeds by blocking the access to the sunlight.

Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch | Different Types

Mulch can be made of many different materials. There is wood mulch, rock mulch and synthetic mulches. Mulch comes in many different colors. They are available in black, brown or red. The red color provides a rich color that can last up to a year. Finding the right color is based on what best coordinates with your home. The darker colored mulch brings out the brightness in the flowers. Be aware that the black colored mulch always reflects the heat and sun, so choosing a lighter colored mulch especially in warmer areas of the country prevents overheating the plants and trees.

Monmouth County Triple Shredded Mulch | Temperature

Mulch keeps the soil moist. It absorbs water and slows down the evaporation of moisture from the soil. A good layer of mulch slows the erosion of the soil by preventing the soil from being washed away. Mulch applied in the Spring keep the soil cooler for longer. The material in mulch absorbs the sun and eventually slows down the temperature in the soil. When the temperature gets colder in the Winter, any layer of mulch around the trees and plants allows the soil to retain some of the heat from the Summer. It also protects the root of the plants during the severe cold Winter months.

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