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light-2During the day we don’t think about outdoor lighting, but when it starts getting dark the need for lighting makes itself known. Outdoor lighting can be an added decorative element in your landscape design, highlighting special features and making dark corners usable. Accent lighting should be planned for every landscape so that money can be saved by installing the electric hookups before adding other decor. Once there is adequate lighting on the patio, it can be used for evening entertainment as well as daytime fun.

LED Path & Spread and LED Hardscape elements should be carefully planned and purchased from us at Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply. It is nice to look for outside accent lighting in a place large enough to carry all the important brands so there is a good selection to choose from. Accent lighting serves more purposes than just beauty. Lighting makes the outdoor areas of a home safer after dark. Night lighting prevents falls and other mishaps in the dark. It also adds to the home’s security by eliminating dark places where a thief could hide. It is safer to come home to a place that is well lit than to fumble in the dark for door keys while worrying about what may be waiting in the shadows.

Good lighting plans are energy efficient and beautiful. More light should be concentrated on the areas most used, with less light expended on unwanted features or areas not used at night. Companies such as Kichler and Integral have large selections of good quality lighting for all areas of your landscape. Pantano has experts to help homeowners or landscape designers plan a lighting scheme and take care of the mechanics involved with the plan. Lighting can be made dramatic with colored LED hardscape lights or unobtrusive with small low wattage path lighting. There are several types of outdoor lighting to consider. There are wall or post hung lanterns, lamp posts, spot and flood lights, outdoor chandeliers, and spread and path lights to light up different areas of the yard or patio.

Lighting can contribute to a warm, cozy feel like a living room – only outside. Similar to the inside of a family home, outdoor areas can follow a favored style whether it is ultra modern, Victorian, retro, European, or anything in-between. Outdoor lighting can echo the indoor style or form a fun contrast. Lighting can use electricity, solar power, or a combination of both. Outdoor lighting projects can be designed to fit any budget. Some homeowners choose to install a lighting plan in stages as their budget allows. Design Pro LED is a choice that can be helpful to homeowners and landscaping contractors. To find out what choices work for your desired design, ask a Pantano employee today.

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