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techo-3With an increasing emphasis on outdoor living, the need to find innovative ways to finish yard spaces naturally follows. While stone surfaces are, historically, a favorite way to complete an outdoor living space, native stone is often difficult to deal with due to variations in thickness and sizes. That’s where Techo-Bloc products shine. Designed to be easily installed, they save homeowners time and money.

Homeowners and contractors can start their searches for perfect solutions at Pantano’s interactive Techo-Bloc displays. Open 24 hours, the displays allow consumers and contractors to see the many options available and picture just how each would fit into a homeowner’s specific space. Since paving stones come in huge variety of styles and colors, there is little standing in the way of creating the ideal exterior oasis.

Of course, no matter how great a product is, consumers and contractors need to know the best techniques for installing the paving products. Expert staff members provide guidance to ensure installers use the best methods for installations. Proper installations reduce the likelihood of future problems, meaning homeowners spend more time enjoying their outdoor living spaces and less time maintaining them.

When other design elements are needed for the space, consider options like retaining walls and outdoor fireplaces to further enhance the yard. Even special features like steps can easily be dealt with when using the best paving and stone material available. The products available blend with current exterior finishing trends, allowing homeowners to be confident their investment will be stylish for years to come.

If the yard’s landscaping needs attention, yard and garden experts provide a huge selection of plant materials to spruce up the area. Conifers, shade, and ornamental trees are available for immediate delivery, as are the annuals and perennials needed to add color and variety to the yard. Our professionals provide guidance to make sure the best planting options are selected for specific applications.

No matter what the current landscaping needs are, get the advice of landscaping professionals before making any selections. With proper guidance, homeowners will have the products needed to create exciting yard areas. Once the paving stone products and plantings are installed, homeowners and guests will have a totally transformed space to enjoy each other’s company.

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