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Fall is here again, and that means falling leaves. While colorful leaves are beautiful to look at, and fall leaf watching excursions are popular, they can be a nuisance. When leaves are falling all over your yard, they tend to lose most of their appeal. To keep your yard looking spruced up and tidy during the fall, you need the help of a power tool. Leaf blowers are easy to use and store, and are very beneficial no matter the size of your property. With so many choices in fuel type and style, you can find a blower that suits you perfectly. If you want a powerful motor, and lots of options, Stihl offers a full line of products to choose from. To get more information about Stihl leaf blowers, consult our knowledgeable sales team. We can help you decide on a product that best suits your leaf blowing needs.

Stihl Leaf Blowers

Stihl Leaf Blowers | Advantages of Blowers

Removing lots of leaves from your yard can be exhausting work, especially if your only tool is a rake. Raking leaves takes a tremendous toll on your muscles and your frame, as you are constantly hunching over. Leaf blowers make getting rid of leaf piles a breeze. They have the power you need to blow leaves from your lawn and can get around trees and shrubs. They can easily get into tight corners a rake cannot reach, and won’t snag roots and branches. When you choose a model with mulching capabilities, you can make fresh, free mulch to protect shrubs through the winter.

Stihl Leaf Blowers | Types of Stihl Blowers

Electric or battery powered leaf blowers offer ease of use, and mobility. Battery powered blowers don’t limit your movements like one with an electric cord, but both are ideal for small yards. These lightweight blowers offer lots of power and make leaf clearing a snap. Electric blowers just plug in and are ready to go; there is no fuel to buy, or exhausts to smell. If you have a larger yard, however, a backpack blower might be preferable. Your size of yard, as well as your noise level preference are factors to consider when choosing Stihl leaf blowers. Ask a trained professional if you need advice.

Stihl Leaf Blowers | Extras

While a leaf blower is basically for blowing unwanted leaves off your lawn, there is more to it than that. With the right extras it can do so much more, and keep your property neat and tidy. Leaves naturally make great compost and mulch, so why not use that to your advantage? When you want a model with the ability to mulch leaves for compost, Stihl offers a full line of products. A shredder vacuum makes it easy to convert your leaf blower into a leaf mulching, shredding machine. Simply collect the leaves into a bag, shred, and make the most of your fallen leaves.

When your lawn is full of dead leaves, you need some power to get rid of them all. You could spend hours hunched over a rake until your arms get sore, or you could make things easier. Using a leaf blower saves time and aching muscles. With so many choices in electric, battery powered or gas powered, there is something for everyone. Your choice will depend on your stamina and strength, as some models are heavier and more cumbersome than citation generator others. It will also depend on the size of your yard, and your noise comfort levels. For more information, call a local, knowledgeable Stihl leaf blowers expert. Whatever your preferences, or sized yard, they can help you find the perfect tool to keep up with leaves this fall.

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