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When taking on a large home landscaping project, consider getting professional help. A contractor has the large equipment needed for projects that require moving soil, placing large stones and boulders and leveling land. A landscape contractor can also advise the homeowner on which nursery & landscape supply items will suit your yard the best. Local landscape contractors know the climate conditions in your area and which plants will do well. A landscape project done well will add value and beauty to a home and its surrounding property for many years to come. A poorly done project will be costly to correct and can actually make a property harder to sell.

Large landscape projects usually involve removal of plants, trees and other elements that are not working. Then, the area is reshaped and new elements are added that will improve the look and feel of the lot. Mulch, plants, trees, stones and boulders can all be part of the new landscape. Before any work begins, homeowners and contractors should work out a design for the space and visit Pantano for nursery and landscape supply ideas. At this time, choices should be made concerning stones, boulders, mulches, plants, and other elements to be used. Large projects are costly and will benefit from the use of large nurseries like us, who supply everything in bulk at lower volume prices.

goose-eggUsing bulk mulch and bulk stones companies in NJ can save money and time. Getting large amounts of these elements can make the project more cohesive. Having a bulk material supply company in NJ that carries all the landscape and nursery supplies that will be needed is a definite advantage. Getting everything at one location saves time and delivery costs for homeowners.

The most popular mulch materials at Pantano Nursery & Landscape Supply are ground up mulches and soil or stones. The black, color enhanced finely shredded mulch is used for color contrast. The screened soil is versatile and can be mixed with other organic elements like compost. The triple shred mulch is a nice dark brown color made with shredded tree bark. The red dye mulch is made with finely shredded hardwoods and dyed a natural red.

The stone-type mulches include red stone with jagged edges. This mulch comes in a 3/8th inch or a 3/4th-inch size. The River Jack stone mulch is gray to tan with rounded edges. There are also stone mulches called Goose Egg, White Marble Chip, Timberlite, and Pink Carnation. Each one of the stone mulches has an attractive and distinctive look.

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