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There is something wonderful about a group of friends and family sitting around a fire having a conversation and enjoying refreshments. The fire feature used should be safe and well-constructed for everyone’s safety. Fire features can take many forms and come in a variety of sizes. Fire features that are well-designed and have comfortable seating nearby will give homeowners years of enjoyment. Whether you choose to install an outdoor fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, a grill, a fire wall, or a fire table, the yard or patio will become more useful and better for entertaining.

Many types of outdoor fire pits can be purchased completed or constructed on-site. Fire pits can be constructed on the site using stone, concrete or block and then have various inserts added. They can be very small or quite large. Fire pits and fire tables are usually designed for people to sit around and visit. There may be built-in benches around the pit or lawn chairs of various types. Fireplaces can be freestanding or installed in an outdoor wall. They can be used for warmth and looks only or have features that allow food preparation. With fireplaces and fire walls, people only sit in front of the unit.

Grills from companies such as American Outdoor Grill are of high quality and allow a wide range of grilling and food preparation. Grills come in many sizes, designs and prices, depending on the use the homeowner wants from them. There are both freestanding and built in grills to choose from. Grills can be used for the occasional backyard barbecue of hot dogs and hamburgers, or they can allow the homeowner to become a grill master with a much larger selection of grilling food options. A grill can serve its purpose standing alone or be installed in a counter as part of an outdoor gourmet kitchen. Grills can be basic with just the container for fire and a surface to grill the food, or they can come with many add-on features. There are accessories for grilling vegetables, rotisseries to cook turkey, chickens or roasts, baking bread, and cooking a fillet of fish. There are add-on accessories to cook dessert items and corn on the cob. Grills can be made with stylish, sleek looks or a more traditional style. The food is great no matter what the grill style is.

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Companies like American Outdoor Grill, Firegear Outdoors, and American Fyre Design, and others are carried by us at Pantano Nursery & Landscape Supply of Manalapan Township in New Jersey and online. As well as fire pits and grills, you can purchase outside heaters for cool nights and cloudy days when there is company. These suppliers also carry all the rest of the supplies needed to make a great landscape design to locate the fire equipment in. A yard can be like an outdoor living room with good lighting, comfortable seating, and an impressive fire element to sit around. A good landscape design should also include plants, trees, and hardscaping elements like pavers and stones.

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