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If you are looking for a beautiful plant to put in your yard, fast growing, small plants are a great idea. After all, small bushes are very attractive, especially when you are looking for privacy shrubs. If this is the case, the American Boxwood may be the perfect plant for your yard. A classic American plant, this shrub reached its peak in the early 1800s. There are over 90 species from which to choose, with the average shrubs being around 10 feet tall. This is perfect for situations where homeowners want privacy from neighbors and traffic.

Low-Maintenance Shrub

When homeowners happen to live in an area where there are drought conditions, the landscape is the first item to go without. Luckily, the American Boxwood stands up well under these conditions, able to go long periods of time without a great deal of water and still remaining strong even when the temperatures are freezing.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of your landscaping projects, this may be the perfect plant for your yard. Requiring little maintenance, it is also resistant to bugs, although common pests could include the leafminer, mites, and psyllid. The best part is the fact that it is going to grow nicely in all parts of the country, most especially in the mid-Atlantic region, except for the far northern states such as North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana.

Seasonal Care

Plan on planting your boxwoods in the autumn but use your winter idle time to prune, thin and protect them from the severe cold. Boxwood experts advise that you plant in the early spring if necessary, although this is typically the time of year when you’re monitoring your plants for insects. If you are hoping that your American Boxwood will grow a little faster, experts recommend fertilizing it in the late fall of the year. The use of fertilizer will promote root growth and provide the best results. Then, in the springtime, it is going to look strong and beautiful. Summer should be spent keeping weeds from taking over your plants.

Where to Purchase

These popular plants are easy to locate and can be purchased at Pantano. This is a beautiful bush that is going to add the perfect finishing touch to the landscaping for your yard, looking great all through the year.

Where to Plant

While some people are happy with one plant scattered around the front and back yard hither and yon, others like to line their property line with boxwoods. Regardless, owners will be pleased with the leaves and their bright green hue bringing color to the yard.

Boxwoods are an excellent choice for the novice plant owner, as they are easy to care for and they will last a lifetime as long as you follow a few simple steps. Visit Pantano today to purchase your own American Boxwood.

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