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crape-myrtleHomeowners in New Jersey can trust Pantano Nursery & Landscape Supply to provide plants every spring that not only survive, but thrive. Our plants do so well because they are chosen for specific New Jersey climate conditions. We have relationships with plant growers such as Monrovia that allow us to provide our customers with the best plants at very competitive prices. The large variety of plants and shrubs available should satisfy every customer’s needs.

Not all homeowners do their own gardening and landscaping so those who don’t should request that their landscaping contractor go with them to the nursery to select plantings for the season. Most contractors will know where to buy the best plants this spring in New Jersey, but it never hurts to remind them. Homeowners have a right to insist that the best quality, healthiest plants and shrubs be used in their landscaping projects. Homeowners doing their own planting can get advice at the gardening center on how to plant and care for their choices. There are always gardening experts on hand at the nursery to help you out with planting choices and care advice.

Homeowners may choose from a generous assortment of shade and ornamental trees, conifers, hedging materials, flowering shrubs, ground cover, flowering plants, and perennials for their landscaping projects. Knowing where to buy Monrovia plants in New Jersey is what makes a successful gardener. Starting with the best seeds, plants, shrubs, and trees will ensure success. When a landscaper properly prepares the soil, then plants the best quality plants, gives them food and water as needed, and weeds them judiciously, a great landscape and garden will result. Good garden centers supply all the chemicals, gardening tools, and other elements of a well-designed landscape project. This one-stop shopping opportunity can save time and money for you and your gardening contractor.

Some of the most popular plants we offer are the Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Knock Out Roses, Crape Myrtle, Little Gem Magnolias, Nelly Stevens Holly, and Drift Roses. Very popular trees include Green Giant and Emerald Green Arborvitae, American Boxwood, and Leyland Cypress. Of course, this is only a small portion of the available plant and tree material available to customers. We have hundreds of plants from A to Z for customers to choose from. Customers who are looking for specific plants, grasses, or trees only need to ask one of the sales associates. Send a list of preferred plantings with your landscape contractor when he visits Pantano Nursery.

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