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dethatchA beautiful lawn is something that most homeowners want, and would love to have. However, it does take some work. A thick, green, stunning lawn doesn’t just spring up on its own. One common mistake that homeowners make is forgetting about their lawn for half of the year. In the spring, homeowners are excited about seeing a green lawn spring to life. They water, they feed, they fertilize, and they mow. This is all great. Then as the heat of summer settles in, they continue to water, and mow when they have to, but then as summer ends, so does the lawn work. This is why many lawns fail. There are several fall projects for your lawn to keep it looking green.


Thatching is the process of removing old, dead grass that sits on top of your lawn. Leaving it there results in air and water not being able to reach the lawn. If the lawn doesn’t get water or air, it doesn’t grow – in fact it dies. Your lawn must be thatched. To do this, you’ll need a thatcher. Thatchers are rake-like lawn tools. A manual thatcher is fine for tiny yards, but not so great for big yards. Yet you won’t use a thatch enough to make owning one a priority. Fortunately, there are thatchers for rent in New Jersey at Pantano. Depending on the size of the yard, and how quickly you work, these tools can be rented for a half day. For larger areas, a full day makes more sense.

Before thatching, cut the grass down a bit shorter than usual. It’s also a good idea to do this after there’s been some rain. If no rain is in the forecast, simply water the lawn before thatching. Once all the old, dead grass and other debris has been removed, rake everything up and get rid of it.

Plant Seed

Once thatching is completed, it’s time for seeding the lawn. If there are bare areas, seed them. If the lawn seems sparse throughout, reseed the entire yard. Fall is actually the best time to seed the lawn.

Giving your lawn the care it needs in the fall will result in a more beautiful and healthy lawn in the spring. During the winter, you can relax. There isn’t much yard work to do in the winter. Simply ensure that heavy items that can harm the grass are not left out on the lawn during the winter. Thatch your lawn in the fall and reseed it. In the spring you’ll be happy that you did.


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