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At Pantano Nursery we make it easy to buy leaf blowers.  We now have a full line of Ferris Stand-On Blowers. Stand-on blowers are used by professionals and homeowners. We maintain all Ferris equipment. We always offer great service and know to train you to use the equipment.

Wait until the leaves are dry before using a leaf blower and use the leaf blower once a week minimum. Wet leaves are hard to move unless you are using a high-powered blower.  A leaf blower is most effective for gathering the bulk of a lawn’s leaves into large piles, to be removed with a tarp or by hand. Making sure your yard is free of leaves not only improves appearance but influences the health of your yard. Leaves block the sunlight which your lawn needs in the fall to store up food for winter dormancy.

Leaf blowing can help clear leaves and debris easier and faster than raking or sweeping.  Leaf blowing gets leaves out of prickly bushes a bit easier than hand-pulling them. Shredded leaves from your own property are far better than purchased wood mulch which can harbor diseases.  So, having a mulching bed will turn leaves into nutrient rich soil. Finally, leaf blowing gets people outside on a nice day.

However, the negative side is that leaf blowing kicks up allergens, dust, animal feces, and other detrimental particles. So, you should wear a mask when using the blower.  The blower is noisy, obtrusive, and can cause hearing loss.  So, you should wear earmuffs or ear plugs to protect your ears from noise with every use of your backpack leaf blower.  The noise can also annoy neighbors if you use your leaf blower more than once per week even during periods of high leaf droppage.

Leaf blowing is useful for the removal of flammable debris from around buildings during fire season. Blown leaves tend to blow back if they are not collected, bagged, or shredded to use as mulch. Birds nest in brushy areas, in bushes, and even in lower growing trees. Blowing leaves out of these areas year-round can tear apart bird nests and affect the good insects, garden snakes, and small mammals that live in leaf matter.

New Jersey law, S437, prevents the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers.  Gas-powered leaf blowers are loud and pollute more than many cars.  Montclair, Summit, and South Orange all have a seasonal ban on leaf blowers. Princeton’s town ordinances permit electric leaf blowers all year round.  In NJ, the owner or occupant of any property, or employee or contractor to provide lawn care or landscaping services, shall not sweep, rake, blow or otherwise place yard waste, unless the yard waste is containerized, in the street.  Many cities have enacted municipal codes that prevent property owners from blowing leaves into the right-of-way. The action is considered illegal dumping and can carry fines up to $500 and/or six months of imprisonment, depending on the locale.

Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply has 28 types of leaf blowers such as:


Stihl is quality and not sold at LOWES or HOME DEPOT.  Stihl BGA 86 Battery Operated Leaf runs $249.99.  The Stihl BGA 86 Battery Operated Leaf Blower has no gas, no cord, and no emissions.   At 8 pounds with the powerful 36-volt lithium-ion battery, the STIHL BGA 86 handheld blower delivers over 100 mph of air to move stubborn yard debris. This blower will run at full speed until it’s time to recharge. An ideal blower for use around the home. Battery & Charger Sold Separately.  Specifications include 2000 strokes per minute and 110-minute run time.



RedMax features the patented Strato-Charged engine which is an advanced design that was an incredible leap forward and made RedMax the leader in 2-stroke, clean air technology. The RedMax EBZ8560 backpack leaf blower can easily move lawn clippings, leaves, and other heavy debris. This frame-mount backpack blower produces 1,000 CFM of air volume at speeds of 220 MPH at the nozzle, making it faster to clear large areas. In addition, the RedMax EBZ8560 is equipped with the industry’s largest fuel tank so you can keep on going without having to go back to the trailer to refuel. RedMax EBZ8560 Backpack Leaf Blower costs $699.95.

RedMax’s Strato-Charged engine technology allows up to 20% more fuel efficiency, produces low emissions, and requires no valve adjustments, oil changes, or daily oil level checks. This leaf blower delivers a 75.6 cc and 4.4 horsepower to get your work done fast. Transport this blower anywhere with a light weight of 24 lbs.  Air Speed will clean leaves at up to 206 mph to get your job done in less time.  All RedMax backpack blowers use commercial grade 2-stage air filters that provide for a long service life and provides maximum blowing performance by reducing air intake blockage.  Operate your leaf blower with less effort by using the variable speed cruise control throttle. A contoured, oversized back pad uses air sucked by the fan housing to keep operators cool on hot days and wide straps add comfort.  This product is backed by a 2-year limited residential and commercial warranty.


Optimax builds the optics behind the latest breakthrough technologies in aerospace, defense, and consumer electronics. Little Wonder Optimax Self Propelled Walk Behind Leaf Blower costs $2889.99 to $3089.99.  The Little Wonder Optimax blowers outperform the competition for moving stubborn debris, removing standing water, preparing asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air. Durable, solid-steel construction… they’re built to last and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

The Little Wonder Optimax Self Propelled Walk Behind Leaf Blower has a 270CC GX270 Honda Engine with advanced impeller and aerodynamic design produce the highest airflow in the industry.  Unique split-stream air deflector moves piles of leaves farther and faster; without blow-back. Large, square discharge chute is low to the ground for better blowing power.  Scrolled housing ensures consistent, constant airflow even if partially blocked by leaves.  Continuously welded all-steel impeller and housing for strength and durability you can rely on season after season.  Remote discharge chute control on the handle at your fingertips.  Ergonomic handle design; height adjustable with anti-vibration grip.  Transport bracket for convenient tie-down during transport.  Convenient lift handle makes lifting the blower on and off the truck easier.  Optional Swivel Wheel Kit for 360° turning.


For more information contact Pantano nursery and landscape supply at 143 County Road 522 Manalapan, NJ 07726  PH: (732) 786-8503   https://www.pantanonursery.com/wholesale-perennials/


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