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Using high-quality masonry supplies is key as a contractor for providing satisfactory work for customers.

Not every supply company out there will have the same variety or prices. That, Pantano Outdoor Supply is the one-stop destination for all of your landscape and masonry supply needs. Learn more about some of the many masonry supply products that we offer at great prices!

Techo-Bloc Pavers, Slabs, Steps, and More:

Pantano Outdoor Supply is an exclusive dealer of Techo-Bloc products, offering pavers, slabs, walls, caps, edges, and outdoor features. Techo-Bloc is a top-quality brand of pavers that is made from multiple aggregates and sand. It is more durable and longer-lasting than other pavers like limestone and sandstone. The pavers are made using ultra-detailed texture technology (HD2), which produces a higher number of particles per square inch of stone, resulting in a strength that is 1.5 times greater than concrete.

Techo-Bloc’s products are designed to blend in with outdoor environments just like natural stone. Their range includes pavers, edges, masonry veneer, and slabs that offer great design flexibility. These products are not only eco-conscious but also cost-effective. Their permeable stones facilitate proper percolation of surface water into the ground, thereby preventing potential flooding and saving on de-icing costs. From poolsides to patios and driveways to walkways, to outdoor fire pits, the possibilities are endless with Techo-Bloc!

Manufactured Stone:

Manufactured stone siding uses architectural stone veneer or thin bricks to create a pleasing appearance, without requiring structural bracing. It is lightweight, long-lasting, and made to look like real marble, granite, and other natural materials.

Cavity Drainage:

To protect your work from future damage, it’s important to filter water out of the floor junction and away from the interior of your structure. Using cavity drainage membrane systems can help collect and redirect water away from your building and into a collection point for easy disposal, such as a sump and pump. We offer various drainage systems for all types of projects through our masonry supply store.


To keep moisture from penetrating into structures and inner surfaces, it is crucial to use masonry flashing. You can browse our store to find a range of options, including through-wall flashing that directs moisture from inside the wall to the outside, as well as flashing membranes, tape, and more. Whether you need corners or end dams, we have everything your crew requires to complete any job.

Wall Ties and Anchors:

Masonry and stone systems require anchors and ties to provide support in both seismic and non-seismic conditions. A good design should establish a connection between walls and load-bearing structures, distribute the stress of lateral loads, and facilitate proper handling of differential movements. Browse our selection of masonry supplies to find the wall ties and anchors that suit your needs.

Masonry Reinforcement:

Masonry structures require reinforcement through structural steel and patching systems to ensure durability and safety for future use. If you’re looking for masonry supplies to reinforce your project, including repair systems and bracing for rebar support, Pantano Outdoor Supply can assist you. To create a stronger wall, make sure to fill the blocks with appropriate grout or mortar materials that have the right reinforcement.

Masonry Tools:

Our masonry supply store provides a variety of tools and equipment, such as mortar boards, telescoping ladders, trowels, and string lines, that your crew can use to complete the job quicker and with better quality. You can check out our inventory to see what we offer.

Control Joints:

Rubber and PVC control joints are useful for supporting bricks or CMU walls that may settle. They also help to alleviate stress caused by shrinkage, expansion, and other factors during the curing process. Additionally, high-quality masonry control joints can help prevent movement and cracking.

Mortar Admixtures:

If you want to customize your material to get the desired results in various projects, such as waterproofing, faster curing, reduced efflorescence, and improved workability, you can use mortar and concrete admixtures. Pantano Outdoor Supply provides admixtures that can help you accomplish your project goals effectively. Contact us to achieve the best outcomes for your particular project requirements.

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If you’re looking for the quality masonry supplies at reasonable prices, check out Pantano Outdoor Supply today! We are a wholesale landscaping and masonry supply store located in Manalapan, NJ. We serve contractors only, we do not sell retail. Our landscape supply store is one of New Jersey’s most extensive, with top-quality selections. So whether you are a contractor, landscaper, builder, or architect, we can recommend the right materials to enhance your masonry project. We offer delivery to your job site or home throughout the tri-state area as well as rental equipment, tools, and accessories to help spread the product. If desired, we provide on-site pickup. Pantano remains committed to providing you with the very best quality masonry supplies available at competitive prices, all in an effort to help you set your company apart from your competition. Our goal is to be your partner in business offering you the goods and services needed for you to operate your business successfully.

We provide a one stop shop for all your landscaping and masonry needs. Pantano is the largest landscaping provider in the United States. We sell a full line of landscape and building stone, have a large supply of mulch and garden products, and offer quality power equipment At Pantano Outdoor Supply, we have all the items you will need to keep you and your family safe during those cold winter months. Come and visit us today or give us a call at (732) 786-8503.