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Lights! Camera! Action! Popular ideas for landscape lighting emphasize the features in your hardscape and landscape.

Your landscape is more than plants and fields, it comes alive at night with a dramatic lighting design. Make it a real showstopper by setting a tone. Small spaces seem larger when well lit. Large spaces feel cozy with the right lighting accents. Uplights, downlights, solar or electrical you can transform the darkness into nightlife.

Popular Ideas for Landscape Lighting

    1. Path lighting illuminates your walkways for safety.
    2. String lights transform the backyard into an entertainment venue for parties.
    3. Fire pit lights ensure no one falls into the flames.
    4. Front door lights present a welcoming impression to evening visitors.
    5. Garden lights bring the nighttime to life by letting the eye see the colors of the garden in the moonlight.
    6. Tree lights are uplights that shine up the trunk and dance on the branches.
    7. Outdoor living space lights make the night as functional as the day.
    8. Pergola lights that frame the structure are nice, but lanterns and string lights make a shimmering cozy seating area.
    9. Solar lights are handy along driveways and pathways.
    10. Motion sensors are attached to bright battery-operated lights that spring on if there is movement in their sensor field. Designed to save the cost of constant operation, if they are not pointed in correct direction, they constantly annoy the neighbors.
    11. Water feature lighting illuminates the cascades of water in fountains and waterfalls.
    12. Pool lighting is a safety system as well as sets a tone for a romantic mood of lounging.
    13. Stair lights protect everyone from falls.
    14. Hardscape lights and spotlights highlight the property’s features.
    15. Decorative lamps and hanging lights add a designer’s flair to lighting plan.

Swinging orbs of light can turn any forgotten backyard into a dreamy wonderland for romance or entertaining. Landscape lighting can be as easy as hanging lanterns around your pergola, back porch, deck, or in the trees for a magical evening outdoors.


Landscape lighting prices will vary depending on the light type you buy, your project’s size, and whether you work with a professional. LED is more expensive than luminance, but LED has better durability. String lights or pathway lamps are perfect for homeowners on a budget and can cost between $15 and $50. For lower prices, a bundle of 10 lamps may cost between $20 and $100. The average cost for wall lanterns is about $150 each. For a full-scale project, the average cost of installing outdoor lighting is between $2,000 and $4,500. Working with a professional expect to pay between $5,000 and $6,000 for a full acre property design with gardens, walkways, and water features.

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