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Proper power equipment maintenance is an important part of running a contracting business.

Businesses that offer landscaping, lawn and gardening services rely heavily on their equipment.  To make the most of your equipment and ensure everything is up and running when needed, those landscaping tools need maintenance and service.  Regular cleaning and maintenance intervals might look like additional costs at first but can end up saving money long term.  That is why you should stop relying on pen and paper for your preventive maintenance and start looking into an easy-to-use equipment management software that will help you keep track of your equipment and the most important information surrounding equipment maintenance.  It’s important that all equipment is safe and ready to operate when your crews arrive at the work site.

3 Important Power Equipment Tools for Landscapers

Power equipment helps get the job done quickly and easily, and this definitely applies to landscaping.  The three most important tools are the lawn mower, the string trimmer, and the leaf blower.  With these tools, homeowners can maintain their properties and keep them looking great.

Maintaining a Mower Blade:

Start by gaining access to the underside of the mower.  For electric mowers, remove the battery.  For gas mowers, disconnect the spark plug.  Then, grasp the blade with gloved hands or a rag to hold it in place.  Then, place a wrench over the bolt holding the blade in place to remove it.  Once the blade is removed, use a file to sharpen the blade’s edge.  Attempt to follow the existing blade angle for the best results, and file until the edge is sharp. Replace the blade on the mower and tighten the bolt.

Maintaining a String Trimmer:

The trick to a string trimmer is ensuring it has enough string left.  Check by squeezing the two tabs holding the string cover in place and popping it off.  If there isn’t much string left (less than several wraps of string) on the spool, consider threading new string onto the spool.

Leaf Blower Maintenance:

Check with your local municipality to see if there are rules regarding leaf blower noise levels.  Each leaf blower will have a decibel rating clearly labeled on the side.  Many towns won’t allow blowers over a certain decibel level.  Gas-powered blowers will be considerably louder than battery or electric blowers.

Most Common Causes of Landscape Equipment Downtime

Oil and Filters:

If it runs with a motor, your landscape equipment will need oil and new filters at some point during its lifecycle – just like any other machine or vehicle.  If this part of the landscaping equipment maintenance plan is neglected, you could end up with engine failure.  Regular maintenance and check-ups with oil and filter changes can easily prevent the more expensive replacement of the entire engine.

Air Filters:

Your landscaping equipment is using air filters?  If that is the case, they, too, need to be serviced and cleaned at regular intervals during proactive maintenance appointments.  A clogged air filter can lead to carbon build-up and hinder proper air circulation.  It is recommended to always have at least one replacement air filter in stock in case you need it.  Landscape equipment maintenance software can help you keep an eye on spare part orders.

 Tool Belts:

A gardener uses multiple important tools for his job.  To keep them close, a tool belt is often utilized.  Did you know that those belts are a part of the landscape gardening equipment that should be serviced regularly?  While those items certainly aren’t the most expensive piece of equipment, it is recommended to check them at least once a week to make sure they are in working order.  Even a broken tool belt could result in a workplace accident.  It’s best to store tools in a dry, well-ventilated shed or garage.

Tire Pressure:

Just as you would with a car, checking the tire pressure on lawn equipment is vital to make sure everything is working properly.  Keeping the pressure in the recommended range allows for the equipment to run as efficiently as possible.  It also prevents wear on the tire itself, prolonging its life and saving you the replacement costs.


Sharp and well-balanced blades are a must for lawn maintenance equipment because they are the most efficient tool for cutting grass.  Rust and other dulling effects can be prevented by proper routine maintenance.  Also, these regular appointments ensure the blades are running smoothly at all times.  Unbalanced blades can result in vibrations and damage other parts of your lawn equipment if neglected for too long.


Lawn maintenance equipment often contains a lot of moving parts – whether it is wheels or spinning blades.  To make sure that everything is moving smoothly, those moving parts need lubrication, grease or oil.  Depending on the type of equipment and the parts in question, it is sometimes wiser to invest in higher-quality grease because if a part gets stuck or moves more slowly than recommended, expensive repairs could be the result.


Regular cleaning can contribute to a longer lifespan for many types of equipment.  Especially when it comes to landscape maintenance equipment that comes in contact with dirt, grass, or water, cleaning is a vital step on the landscape equipment maintenance checklist.  This prevents rust, the build-up of dirt, and ensures that the tools are always in perfect working.

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