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Homeowners often use stones and pavers to add to their landscaping. For the best results, it’s important that the hardscape designers that help homeowners with this process use only high quality pavers. Adding hardscaping to a yard can be quite expensive, but it isn’t a good idea to cut corners by using inferior quality materials. Consider the benefits of Techo-Bloc pavers before deciding on any other option, as these are usually the mason’s best choice for hardscaping purposes.

Consistent Sizes

Techo-Bloc pavers are consistently sized with all dimensions of each paver the same as any other paver of the same type. This makes installation easier, as allowances don’t need to be made for inconsistent paver sizes.

Made to Withstand Harsh Climates

Some people might worry about damage to paving stones due to harsh climates, such as those that experience a lot of freezes and thaws. Because salt is often used to get rid of ice in colder areas, Techo-Bloc paving stones are tested with saline, or salt water, to make sure that the stones won’t be damaged by repeated exposure to this substance. These stones should last for a long time even in northern climates that experience frequent freezes and thaws.

Consistent Color Throughout Paver

Unlike some inexpensive pavers, the color is the same throughout the entire paver. This means if the paver gets slightly worn over the course of time, it will still look the same as the other pavers. Some lower quality pavers only have a thin layer of color on top of the paver.

Made With Granite

These paving stones are made of an aggregate using granite instead of the limestone often used in less-expensive products. Granite makes the paving stone stronger and longer lasting and minimizes the absorption of water that could otherwise damage the stone. These pavers are about three times as strong as poured concrete.

Can Be Used Around Pools

Techo-Bloc pavers also work beautifully for surrounding pools. They have some advantages over some of the other materials that could be used for pool decks, as they aren’t as slippery as some types of tiles can be and they stay cooler than many types of concrete that are commonly used for this purpose.

Lots of Choices

There are a large number of different colors, sizes and shapes of these paving stones, making it possible to create beautifully patterned patios, driveways, walkways or pool decks to suit any style.

Designed to Limit Shifting

Some types of pavers shift over time as the ground shifts, but this is less likely with Techo-Bloc pavers as these pavers interlock with each other to form a solid surface which will stay in place as time goes by. This solid structure limits cracking and fracturing of the pavers as well. Not all types of pavers can do this, but having interlocked paving stones makes it likely the walkway or patio installed will last for many years to come.

Limit Weed Growth

Properly installed Techo-Bloc pavers with polymeric sand used in the joints will make it so little, if any, weeds or grass grow between the pavers. In damp areas that are shady, moss can sometimes grow, but this can be limited by using a mix of water and bleach on the moss or finding a way to limit the moisture that’s causing this growth.

No Sealing Required

These pavers don’t need to be sealed, but they can be sealed after one year if the homeowner would like to do so for aesthetic purposes. Keep in mind that sealants typically only last between three and five years. A sealant may make the pavers a little more resistant to stains and easier to clean as well as enhancing the color of the pavers.

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