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pH-grassIt may seem surprising that one of the best seasons for lawn care is fall, but work done in the fall will determine how the yard survives the winter and how lush and healthy it is when spring finally arrives. Homeowners often have a lot of questions about fall lawn care. Luckily, there are some simple answers.

Should I Add Lime to My Lawn?

The pH level of your lawn will determine how well grass grows. This range can be tipped to an acidic level easily if the pH becomes too high. Alternately, if the pH is too low, the alkaline levels will reduce growth. Strive to keep the level in your soil between 6.0 and 7.0. If the number is below 6.0 or very close to that number, lime should be added to increase the pH level.

How do I learn the pH level?

Home testing kits found at garden centers are designed to tell if your lawn needs lime. These are useful but will not tell what the pH number is. Without the pH number, it can be difficult to know how much lime should be used. Professional testing is available in all states from the Cooperative Extension Service and provides the most precise results.

Should the lawn be seeded?

Lawns can be seeded in the spring or fall, but fall conditions will usually give the best results. Soil will generally be warmer and drier and have fewer weeds to choke out the new growth. Spring is best if there are disease or pest problems causing the need for new seed. In these instances waiting until the problem has been eliminated, often through a good winter freeze, will allow the seeds to be the most productive.

What type of seed is best?

The best grass seed to use is the one that grows best in the area where it will be planted. There are grass options for both warm and cold climates. The best option is often the type that is already growing well in your yard. If there is no grass yet, or if you’re unaware of what type you have, their best option is to talk to the staff at Pantano Nursery for advice.

A little knowledge can make lawn care less of a mystery. The important thing to remember is that advice is always available. Pantano offers a variety of tools and tips that can make any job easier. The main thing to remember is that caring for a lawn correctly takes time and patience. By devoting those few minutes each day during the right time of year, it is possible to have a beautiful yard through all of the spring and summer months.

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