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[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″ last=”no”][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″ last=”yes”]The twin activities of landscaping and gardening are popular pastimes across America, particularly in the “Garden State” of New Jersey. People find working outside to beautify their yards is great exercise. It’s also a mentally relaxing, as well as creative, endeavor. Some people are happy just to have a well-groomed lawn, trimmed shrubbery, and weed-free flower beds. Others view their property as a blank artist’s canvas to be worked on year-round. These homeowners spend years using trial and error to create and recreate their vision of horticultural perfection. For them, working in the garden and communing with nature is both the means and the source by which they find serenity and achieve peace of mind.[/fusion_builder_column]

Essential Gardening Tools

The essential tools for basic garden and yard maintenance include shovels, rakes, sprinklers, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. Most homeowners have this sort of basic lawn-care gear stowed away in their garden shed or garage. They are as necessary for yard care as vacuums, mops and sponges are to indoor home care. Just as the inside of a home needs an occasional deep cleaning, painting, and floor refinishing, the yard occasionally needs special attention, particularly in the fall. The lawn may need to be dethatched via pro thatchers and may require aerating, top dressing, nitrogen applications, and more. Leaves need to be removed with leaf blowers and vacuums.

Gardening Tools of the Trade

This type of annual and semi-annual lawn care not only ensures that a lawn is well-prepared to make it through the long winter months, but additionally positions it for great success in the following spring. In addition to repetitive and routine tasks, there are occasional needs that arise such as storm debris removal, dead tree elimination, stump grinding, and more. The equipment required for any number of these tasks is often more than the average homeowner has on hand. Some of this equipment is simply too expensive to justify buying when it’s only going to be used once or twice a year. Other tools and resources are the type that may never be needed, and if they are required, are likely to only be used on one or two occasions. It is difficult to justify the purchase of a high-dollar piece of machinery that you’ll likely only use once!


Lawn and Garden Tools Rental

The solution, of course, is to rent the equipment you’ll rarely use – which brings up the question of where to rent equipment rentals for fall clean ups. The best place for equipment rentals anywhere within the Tri-State area is Pantano Nursery & Landscape Supply. We keep a stock of well-maintained, ready-to-use equipment that you may rent by the day or the week. There’s no need to invest in expensive, but barely used equipment. Renting helps you take care of your lawn needs for a negligible cost while having none of the responsibility for storage, maintenance or repairs. Whether you need to rent a chain saw, a stump grinder, log splitter or wood chipper, you’ll be able to rent what you need from Pantano.

While it will no doubt pay to rent most of your seldom-used equipment, most people do occasionally find themselves owning one or more of those more expensive items which then, inevitably, require routine maintenance and repair. So, when your tiller, lawn mower blades, leaf blower, snow blower or chainsaw need expert care, Pantano Service Center Parts is there waiting to help you keep your equipment in excellent working order.[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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