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Most homeowners do not keep a groundskeeper or lawn care workers on staff, so they depend on garden or agricultural supply stores, nurseries, and landscape supply companies to help them. Depending on the extent of their landscaping, there can a lot more to do than simply mowing the lawn. For those that love to plant a garden, soil preparation is necessary. Garden beds must be weeded and mulch replenished. Trees and shrubs needed to be pruned, trimmed, and sometimes removed. A well-maintained lawn needs fertilizing, seeding, and weed control.

Many people admire huge expanses of manicured lawn and wish they could have a similar looking yard. You can – with the help of a professional lawn service that will cut your lawn with the appearance of a checkerboard, a criss-cross pattern, or a diagonal. If not, then you must provide for your own lawn care maintenance needs. You need to have a place to buy what you need to keep your lawn care equipment in top running order. Pantano carries blades, oil, and accessories for lawn tractors and mowers.

Often your lawn will need a little help with grass. Some areas may be bare due to losing grass from disease or not having enough sunlight because of shade from nearby trees. You may need to put down extra grass seed and having a nursery or agricultural supply store with a knowledgeable staff could be just what you need. Our experts can help you choose the best type of seed to use for your area and purpose.

Ongoing maintenance of your lawn is required to keep it healthy and green. Once winter is over, a dormant lawn wakes up hungry. A spring feeding with fertilizer from a garden supplier strengthens the roots of the grass to help it during the growing season. Spring is the best time to apply a combination of fertilizer and crabgrass preventive. Later in the spring, another feeding along with a weed control product for broadleaf weeds should be applied.

We carry everything that home gardeners or enthusiasts need to maintain their lawn, gardens, trees, shrubs and plants. We have a full range of rental equipment from tillers, automatic spreaders and fertilizers to trimmers and leaf blowers. We carry a variety or fertilizers, lime, and weed control products. Feel free to have a consultation with one of our experts to help you create and maintain the perfect lawn.

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