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Thinking of purchasing ECHO Hedge Trimmers for your home landscaping? ECHO hedge trimmers are made durable and lightweight. They also have long lasting blades providing professional performance with maximum ease. Here are a few different types of ECHO hedge trimmers that are available.

ECHO Hedge Trimmers

ECHO Hedge Trimmers | ECHO HC-152

Professionals and homeowners look for performance in the equipment they use on their landscape and garden. ECHO hedge trimmers deliver quality performance. Hedge trimmers are available in single-sided and double-sided blades. These trimmers are tough, reliable and have many great features. The ECHO HC-152 is the standard hedge trimmer which is relatively lower in price. It has plenty of power and gets the job done quickly. It also has a safety guard to ensure maximum safety when operating the trimmer. This trimmer is a high-quality tool that is guaranteed to produce great work, yet you don’t have to pay a lot of money for.

ECHO Hedge Trimmers | ECHO HC-155

The ECHO HC-155 is more of a heavy-duty trimmer which cuts easily and sharply through tough areas. The double-sided blade is larger than the standard style. The back and front of the handles are comfortable to grip especially during the longer projects. The HC-155 is great for those large projects that are heavy duty, yet it is still great with smaller jobs, too. Every double-sided blade hedge trimmer uses the sharpest razor blades which give your hedges a laser cut. More homeowners and professional landscapers look for the best equipment to do the job quickly and perfectly. One of the biggest jobs in landscaping is hedge trimming. Hedges come in all different sizes and thicknesses. Only professionals know what is needed and what to look for in hedge trimming. Homeowners are sometimes looking to take care of their small landscaping areas themselves rather than hire a specialist.

ECHO Hedge Trimmers | ECHO SHC-225S

ECHO is one of the leading companies for high-quality outdoor equipment. They carry powered equipment and manual equipment. ECHO products have been in existence for over 40 years. The ECHO SCH-225S is lightweight and easy to work with. This style has the power of a gas hedge trimmer. It features a 20-inch double sided blades for high quality cutting power. It is able to make closer cuts in closed in spaces. With the easy to manage weight, it is easier to carry and work on longer projects.

ECHO Hedge Trimmers | Proper Gear

When using an ECHO hedge trimmer or any powered trimmer, it is wise to use safety gear to protect the user. It is best to use safety glasses, hearing protection and proper shoes and pants. Do not wear loose fitting clothes as it can get caught in the trimmer. Debris can fly off of the blades in any direction, so being properly protected is important. Be sure to keep hands, legs and feet away from the blades while the equipment is being used. Try to cut with a smooth, bottom up motion without extending the trimmer too far from the body. Always take your time and stay focused so that you can trim the hedges without any issues.

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