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Owning a yard means a place to enjoy and relax, somewhere to play and hang out with friends and family. It also means work and maintenance, however. Especially if you have trees. While a tree lined yard is a joy, as you enjoy shade and beauty, trees mean ongoing upkeep. Overhanging branches can be a threat to your home, or at the very least, its roof. Branches can die and become a nuisance, or grow too far into your yard. To keep your trees healthy and neatly trimmed back, consider using echo power tools such as pole pruners. With a pole pruner, you can stay safely on the ground and still reach high branches. They are safer than traditional chainsaws, too, easier to operate, and you can easily find the right tool for you. For more information, ask local dealer how ECHO power pruners can help you maintain your trees.

ECHO Power Pruners | Prevent Damage

Pruning away old, dying branches can keep your trees healthier, and protect your property. High winds and rain from strong storms cause damage to thousands of homes every year. By pruning away these overhanging branches, you can save yourself from an unfortunate disaster. Even if the branch does not fall onto your roof, it can cause damage just by scraping off roofing materials. Rotting leaves and needles also have the potential to collect on the roof, becoming a wet mess, resulting in mold. When you use a power pruner to safely cut back overhanging branches, however, you can protect your property.

ECHO Power Pruners | Safety

Pruning back tree branches can prevent them from falling on your roof, but you need to stay safe while doing it. Power pruners offer a longer reach so you can reach high branches while staying safely on the ground. Climbing ladders or onto roofs can be very dangerous, especially while operating a power tool. Remaining on the ground eliminates the risks of falls. Also, power pruners take all the effort out of pruning, making the task more efficient and safer. Using a power pruner is also better for the tree, as it makes a cleaner cut, helping trees stay healthier.

ECHO Power Pruners | Finding a Supplier

There is such a variety of power pruners, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. For the best information, you should consult gardening experts with a large inventory of power tools. When researching suppliers, you should look for knowledgeable, reliable sales staff who can answer all your questions. Experience counts, as they will be able to direct you to just the right tool for your situation. By finding a full service supplier you can one stop shop with them in the future. You save time and money with one convenient place for tools, services, parts and all your gardening and plant needs.

Pruning back overhanging branches keeps your trees healthier and more beautiful and productive. It also makes your property neater and more attractive. Cutting back branches can protect your roof and prevent the potential for roofing damage. Falling branches can damage roofs and siding. Further, needles from pine trees, and wet, falling leaves, can make a big mess on your roof. These natural elements can cause mold and mildew growth, which can lead to rotting and structural damage. Climbing on ladders or roofs is dangerous, though, so you should always stay safely on the ground to prune branches. Fortunately, this is possible with the use of a power pruner. These helpful tools offer a longer reach, keeping you safe on the ground. Visit a reputable supplier to choose from a wide inventory of ECHO power pruners.


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