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When the weather turns cold, snow plows are among the most sought-after winter products sold in NJ. A plow on the front of a truck is a convenience, a promise of safety, and even a potential business. It ensures a clear path on walks, driveways, and to the mailbox. It helps fellow drivers stuck in the snow. During heavy snows, it even earns drivers some much-needed money. Drivers who want these winter advantages will need to look for certain qualities in their snow removal equipment:

  • Snow plows need to have the versatility and strength for various levels of snowfall and ice. The steel portion of the plow should be rustproof, stronger, and lighter than typical industrial steel.
  • When there is only light snow on the ground, a large, heavy-duty plow can do damage to yards, curbs, masonry, and driveways. Plows typically come in three sizes to be appropriate for light, medium, and heavy snowfall. Drivers should consider a second or even third plow, especially if plowing for pay.
  • Different shaped plows might be needed for different types of snow removal. A triangular configuration is useful when pushing snow to the side of a road, walk, or driveway, as well as when dealing with ice. Depending on the driver’s needs and budget, a side-swinging, hinged plow will perform the same job with a little more effort.
  • In the most severe conditions, plowing alone may not get the job done. Additions like salters and SnowEx sanders sold in NJ can fit into the bed of a truck. They provide snow and ice treatment. They also balance out a plowing vehicle. Some compact SnowEx sanders sold online fit snugly over a tailgate instead of taking up the whole truck bed.
  • There is also an array of products made for more precise removal, with a durability equal to top-band plows. These include snow shovels, gas-powered snow blowers, and electric snow blowers. These tools are often best for stone and brick walkways or when clearing near fences, walls, yards, and porches.

SnowEx sanders sold in NJ are among the many solutions for ensuring a safe, accident-free winter. When plowing is in high demand, any of these products will quickly pay for themselves. Selection of equipment should be based on a review of snowfall and traffic conditions from previous years. If a driver is in the right place at the right time, he can help others, make a profit, and even save a life.

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