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Each year the MarCom Awards competition is conducted. All entries are reviewed thoroughly and their success in print marketing, web development, video, and communication are gauged. The honor of winning an award in this competition sets companies apart in their respective industry. Today, Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply is among these winners.

What are the MarCom Awards?

The MarCom Awards are an annual competition in which entries are made by a variety of PR, marketing, and visual arts departments. The entrants represent the best in their field including writing and design concepts used in web development and print advertisement material. Awards are presented based on the skills and merit of each company that enters.

Winning the Gold Award

The 2015 winner of the Gold Award for a Business to Business website in the MarCom Awards Competition is Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply. Pantano has presented an innovative and brilliant web design. The design exhibits excellence in the landscaping field and provides an amazing and eye catching concept.

Since we choose to rebrand our business, we have experienced great success. These new concepts have opened us up to a wider market and made us more of a well-known brand. This has presented our business with exceptional growth potential in a variety of markets. Our award-winning website design shows our skills and merit.

What are the Elements of an Award Winning Website?

  • Share Your Information
    The first element to include is information. It is urgent for visitors to know why your company is better than its competitors. They need to know reasons why they should choose your company over others. Through shared information, you should explain what your company does and show visitors examples of your knowledge base.
  • Why are Calls to Action Urgent?
    Company websites should direct the visitors to where they want them to go. They need to know what to do to hire your business or purchase your products. The call to action at the end of the website content provides these much needed instructions.
  • Showcasing the Products
    All company websites should showcase their products. They need vibrant images of each product to present the true color of the product. The description of each product should present more than an explanation of its features. Visitors want to know why they should buy the product. The description should tell them how it will make their lives better after the purchase. The full benefits of buying the product should be reflected in a brief and direct description.
  • Introducing the Company Through Video
    The company owner or employees should have introductory videos explaining what the company does. These videos introduce the company to all website visitors. You should take the time to explain how important your potential client’s business is to your company. These videos could also demonstrate how products are used and how beneficial they are to consumers.

The MarCom awards competition gives companies brilliant opportunities. Once companies win an award, they receive vast media coverage that helps them get the word out to more clients. Any companies that wish to enter the competition next year should visit marcomawards.com and follow the on-screen instructions.


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