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People moving to New Jersey sometimes wonder if they need a snow blower. If they’re moving north from warmer climes, they frequently find themselves asking Google about the difference between snow blowers and throwers, and which of the available brands of snow blowers is best. New Jersey natives, as well as residents who’ve spent more than a winter in the state, can tell newcomers with authority that they do indeed need a snow blower. They typically can discuss the attributes of the better brands such as Ariens and Husqvarna with ease. They can also tell you the best place to buy snow blowers, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply services the entire Tri-State area and is definitely “the” place to go to purchase a blower. This is because the folks here at Pantano are the real deal. We are not seasonal employees hired to staff one section of the local big box store, but instead are representatives of a truly professional, full-service landscape supply company that is proudly and locally owned. Pantano employees are far more knowledgeable, not only about snow blowers, but also about everything we sell, from plants to hardscape supplies, to anything necessary to create and maintain an outstanding lawn and garden that will do justice to even the most meticulous Garden State homeowner or gardener.


In addition to having a better selection of quality snow removal equipment than our competitors, at Pantano we also offer better prices. We naturally have all the best dealer warranties, but in addition, provide help as needed with customer setup and delivery. We provide in-house repairs as well and maintain a full stock of key replacement parts. If you’re not sure exactly what type of snow remover you need, we’ll help you decide, based upon factors such as the type of surface you have to clear, how much surface you’ll have to clear, and how much you do or don’t want to spend. Additionally, we can discuss ease of use, gas vs. electric, what you’ll need to keep your roof clear, and more.

When looking at snow blowers for sale in NJ, it’s important to realize that there is a great range of both functionality and power to be found across the spectrum of snow removal equipment. Although people often use the terms interchangeably, a snow blower and a snow thrower are not the same. A snow thrower removes snow by taking it in one single motion and tossing it out of a chute. Throwers are not as powerful as blowers. A snow blower is a two-step snow removing machine that, in the first step, scoops up the snow before it, and feeds it to a part known as an impeller. The impeller then blows the snow out of a chute. Some varieties of snow blower are capable of removing vast amounts of snow in a relatively short time. Some routinely and accurately remove the snow before them to as far as 50 feet away!

Depending upon the amount of use, the fitness of the individual manning the blower, as well as other factors, there are additional features that you might wish to consider when purchasing a snow remover. For example, some come with aids such as electric starters and power steering. These types of features are likely to be the ones that seem easy to overlook if making your purchase before the snow has started to fall. They’re also the very ones that you are likely to wish you had opted for when it’s well below freezing, and you’ve begun to feel as if you’re wrestling a demon. Talk to the employees at Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply – we will not steer you wrong!

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