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Those who live up north understand the difficulties that come with the winter weather. While the snow can be gorgeous, it certainly doesn’t seem so early in the morning when you have to clear your driveway and clean off the car just to get to work. Being prepared by purchasing bagged rock salt in NJ means you have less to worry about and can get up and going with ease on cold winter mornings. Learn more about the products available on our website to determine what you’ll need to get through the winter.


Rock Salt

No matter how big of a storm passes through, bagged rock salt can help you clear away the ice and snow that’s formed overnight. Halite rock salt is a popular choice, as it melts at temperatures above 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Customers can purchase this salt in a bucket if they prefer; it can also be purchased in bulk to ensure enough is always on hand to deal with any winter weather.

Calcium Chloride

Through the coldest days of winter, it can be too cold for rock salt to work. When this happens, many people turn to calcium chloride pellets to help soften heavily packed areas and melt the snow and ice. Calcium chloride works in temperatures up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and can be purchased in bulk for homeowners and business owners who want to be extra prepared. These products, like rock salt, are safe for all surfaces and can be used around pets, so there’s no need to worry when using them to clear a driveway or areas blocking the front of a business.

Salt Spreaders

No matter which type of salt you choose to purchase, you’re going to need a way to spread it so it can work properly. Homeowners with a smaller area to clear might use fertilizer spreaders or simply spread the salt by hand. If this is too time-consuming, however, there are walk-behind and vehicle-mounted spreaders available to help cover a large space without taking nearly as much time as it might by hand. This equipment is extremely useful for business owners who need to cover a large area, but may be useful for homeowners who want an easier and faster way to spread salt.

You’ll want to ensure that you are well prepared before the winter weather hits so you don’t have to spend an entire morning shoveling your driveway. The above types of salt can help you clear their driveway and paths easily and the proper applicators can help you clear these areas as quickly as possible. Pantano Nursery offers a wide variety of options for homeowners looking for bagged rock salt in NJ, including the latest products that are easier to see and easier to apply. Take the time to figure out what you need and go ahead and stock up today with small or bulk purchases so you can ensure you’re prepared no matter how heavy the snow falls.

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