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heavy-snowWinter is quickly approaching and it is very important to be ready. The Weather Center predicts a bad winter so the best thing that a homeowner can do is to properly prepare for it. This means buying supplies such as rock salt, a snow blower, shovels, driveway markers and more. It’s a good idea to come visit Pantano Nursery since we offer all of the snow removal products that you’ll need. A little ice or snow shouldn’t shut you down. With proper planning, homeowners like you can easily get by during inclement weather. It’s important to work with a provider that offers extended store hours during winter events, like Pantano. You can be sure that we are available when needed. If a storm is quickly approaching, it is good to know that we are ready and open for business. We can help you in preparation efforts or after the storm.

Extended hours are very important when a storm is brewing. Weather can get bad very quickly and it is best to shop with a supply provider that is there when needed, offering a variety of products that make dealing with snow and ice a lot easier. On our website, you can view our Weather Alerts page, which broadcasts alerts when impending weather is predicted. This information can help you to be better prepared.

Winter weather catches many people off-guard and this is why it’s so important to stay on top of it. Winter supplies should be bought well in advance if possible. It this isn’t the case, you should still shop before the storm arrives to be prepared. This takes much of the stress out of the situation. Always buy supplies before the big storm hits. This helps you get a head start on the ice and snow.

Extended hours are offered by Pantano Nursery, your one stop shopping source for supplies. We offer a broad range of products that will help you to get through the harsh winter months. It is also helpful to know that we are there for our customers when impending weather hits. We offer snow removal products that help our customers to prepare for and weather a severe storm. It is very helpful to visit our page for weather alerts for the area. This can help you to learn about big storms in advance, helping you to be ready for any type of weather.

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