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Wondering How to Choose the Right Chainsaw? Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, you need to know what chainsaw is best for your job. There are different sizes of chainsaws for different jobs. There are a variety of chainsaws to match cutting requirements. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a chainsaw.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw | Cutting

If you have light pruning or need to cut small limbs from a tree, you would need something with a small engine, battery and motor. These chainsaws are usually light in weight and easy to handle. If you need to cut branches that are out of reach, you may benefit from purchasing a pole saw. With a heavy-duty cutting job like large trees, firewood you may need to get a larger chainsaw and more powerful one.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw | Gloves

When using a chainsaw, there are appropriate accessories that should be worn. Chainsaws have a few safety features that can keep a user 100% safe. A person using a chainsaw can reduce injury in operating a chainsaw by wearing the proper gear. Chainsaw gloves protects your hands from wood or debris that goes flying. Chainsaw gloves also help reduce the impact of the vibration from the chainsaw. When you work with a power tool that vibrates for a long time can cause damage to hands, fingers and arms.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw | Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps are for the protection of your legs. They usually protect the front of your legs. A good pair of chaps can be a huge difference in protection from a serious injury.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw | Ear, Head and Eye Protection

Putting on ear mufflers to protect your ears when using a chainsaw is smart. When using a tool that vibrates and has a loud sound, protection over your ears is important to protect from hearing damage down the road. Wearing a safety helmet provides protection against any falling branches. It also adds protection in the event of the bar kicking back towards the person operating the chainsaw. Also, wearing goggles or eye protection covering will prevent any wood chips or other debris from causing any eye injury.

How to Choose the Right Chainsaw | Other Protection

When thinking of doing some serious cutting you need to consider wearing proper footwear to protect your feet. Chainsaw boots have a steel toe covering protecting anything from falling on your feet. These boots also protect other areas of your feet, for example, the ankle and tendons. There is also many other chainsaw clothing to protect the upper body and other areas. You can use a chainsaw jacket or sleeveless vest which have special protective materials in the clothing to protect the upper body. Keeping the blade sharp is important otherwise, it just keeps pushing and pulling on the wood and can snap off and go towards the user which can cause injury.

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