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Without the right tools, it can be impossible to do a job correctly. At the very least you will waste time on tasks that you could have sped through if you were properly prepared. Landscaping is no exception to this rule and investing in landscape equipment will help you to have a better looking lawn in less time than you might think. The investment is often worthwhile for economic reasons too because a great looking yard improves the value of the home and doing it yourself means you will not have to hire a landscaper to do it for you.

Landscaping tools are not just a simple shovel and rake. You may find the variety overwhelming when you begin shopping because of all the choices you will have available to you. The best method is to begin slowly, know exactly what you want to accomplish and ask questions to the experts at landscaping supply shops to find the best quality tools for your needs. Here are a few examples of the starter tools everyone homeowner should own.

Necessary Hand Tools


A shovel, hoe, and hand trowel are all necessary. A spade can make breaking through topsoil and grass easier, but it will still need to be aided by a traditional shovel. Keep at least two rakes on hand, one for leaves and lighter debris and an additional sturdy rock rake. Even you are not planning on doing a lot of gardening, there are a number of times when these will come in handy. Planting a bush, raking leaves or installing sprinkler lines are all occasions when you will be thankful you own them.

Optional Shovels to Consider

Additional shovels can make it easier to perform specific tasks. If you want to do a lot of gardening, an edger can help you get the perimeter perfect. Trenchers are great for digging trenches and for clearing away plants with deep roots.

Additional Helpful Equipment

Landscaping tools that make life easier also include a wheelbarrow and a chainsaw or limb cutter. Many homeowners discover that the wheelbarrow is their most used piece of equipment, no matter what the season. Even when it is not being used to drag around plant material or soil, it can still help get tools from one end of the yard to the other. Chainsaws and other powered cutters make it fast and easy to clean up after storms or after a long winter. Long and short handled pruners can help shape bushes.

Landscape Fabrics and Their Purpose

tools-fabric-2There are two ways to use this fabric. It can be used to prevent weed growth in gardens and gravel paths. To put it to work in this manner it can be installed in the garden before planting and covered with mulch or it can be placed in an existing garden. Landscaping fabric also helps to prevent erosion of the topsoil in areas that experience a lot of water runoff or high winds. Sloped landscapes are the most at risk for erosion and are where the product is commonly used for this purpose.

Protect Yourself Too

Yard work is best when the person doing it is comfortable. Always wear hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from heat and the glare of the sun. Protective eye wear should be worn when cutting wood and ear protection is important whenever using chainsaw, mowers or anything else with a loud motor. Gloves are a necessity, but choose the right ones for the job. Suede gloves protect the hands during difficult tasks like cutting and clearing brush and digging holes. Cotton gloves are good when gardening to protect manicures or keep the nails from becoming packed with dirt. Latex coated cotton gloves will keep hands dry as well and protect against smaller thorns.

Choosing the right equipment will make your yard look better and your weekends easier. If you are unfamiliar with landscaping equipment and tools, ask for assistance when you come to Pantano. Look for our knowledgeable employees who can teach you how to use the items correctly to ensure you stay safe and your yard will look as good as possible.

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