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Looking for Monmouth County bulk mulch?

Anyone who has a passion for gardening knows just how much work it is. But they also appreciate how rewarding it is, too. While most of the work takes place during the warmer months, there is work to do year round. It is important to keep plants healthy in every season. A big part of taking care of your plants is in taking care of beds as well. You mulch your garden in the growing seasons, but mulching in the winter is actually really beneficial, too. Good preparation against winter cold and precipitation can protect your plants and keep them healthy. Although you don’t have to worry about controlling weed growth in the colder months, your garden still needs mulch. When they have questions about the benefits of Monmouth County bulk mulch, NJ gardeners call us.

Monmouth County Bulk Mulch: Benefits of Mulch

There are many reasons why you should use mulch to keep beds attractive and in good condition. It deters pests and controls weeds while releasing much needed nutrients into the soil. Weeds are one of a gardener’s worst enemies. Laying down mulch in vegetable and flower beds can help combat weed growth. You can save valuable time and back breaking labor when you use natural mulch. During heavy spring and fall rains, mulch keeps soil in place and reduces the possibility of soil erosion. In the hot, dry months of the summer, mulch can actually help the soil retain moisture.

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Monmouth County Bulk Mulch: Winter Gardening

While most people might associate mulch with summer gardening, it can also be very useful in the winter. Freezing temperatures can kill plants, especially if roots become exposed. Mulching can protect the roots of your plants from exposure to cold. Winter temperatures vary throughout the harsh, winter season. This variation means that the ground is constantly freezing and thawing, moving soil, and potentially moving roots upward. A layer of mulch protects plant roots from exposure to harmful cold air. You can also use a layer of mulch under burlap to protect small trees and shrubs from harsh winds and precipitation.

Monmouth County Bulk Mulch: Mulch Choices

Mulch has many benefits in your garden, but they do not all have to be just practical. With so many choices in color, texture and shred, you can use it to make a visual statement, too. Red mulch adds a truly beautiful pop of color. Other colors can make just as beautiful a statement, however. Black and brown mulch will not compete with colorful flower beds, and make a more natural statement. Cedar mulch also has many natural benefits. It naturally deters harmful insects like ants and slugs while encouraging earthworms and reduces bacterial and fungal growth. Whatever you choose, your garden will reap the benefits.

When you place mulch around your flower and vegetable beds, you are protecting your plants, no matter the season. During harsh winter winds and precipitation, mulch can protect roots from exposure. The freezing and thawing of ground soil causes earth to shift, and plant roots to shift with it. You can protect delicate root systems with layers of mulch, and also use it to keep shrubs and trees from freezing. In the hot summer months, mulch can prevent soil from drying out, keeping the ground more moist. Mulch is also a great way to save time and work as it prevents weed growth and makes gardening easier. To make it even easier to protect your beautiful garden, call your local Monmouth County bulk mulch supplier for delivery.

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