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Now that we are approaching Spring, it’s time to start thinking about getting your spring gardening equipment in order for the warm weather ahead.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a beautiful, well-maintained lawn and a productive garden. Whether you take pride in your lawn’s appearance or just want to keep the city or HOA off your back, you need the right tools to keep your grass trimmed. Your gardening setup and experience aside, you need the right tools to make sure the garden is productive. At Pantano Outdoor Supply, we have consulted with experts and tested dozens of items firsthand to come up with the best product recommendations for your lawn and gardening needs.

Spring Gardening Equipment

See our guide to the best lawn mowers for the top models to make your mowing experience easier and more enjoyable. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, check out the best electric lawn mowers. We recommend the EGO Power+ 2101 56-V 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower. Or, if you have a lot of real estate to cover, our best robotic lawn mowers guide will serve you best. Additionally, don’t forget to pick up a string trimmer for edging and tight spots.

Pantanos Nursery and Supply carries a large selection of professional-quality gardening hand tools including trowel, fork, hoe, rake, shovel, pruning shears, loppers, wheelbarrow, and watering equipment.


We know that every project is different, which is why we have a variety of different shovels and scoops to choose. We have several types of shovels from quality brand names like Leonard, Ames, and Seymour. Leonard brand shovels feature your choice of fiberglass, wood, or composite handles. We carry both square and round-pointed blades which will allow you to cut easily into hard-packed soil. Both D-grip and straight-handled shovels are available. Trenching shovels feature deeply pointed blades which make them excellent for digging irrigation, electrical, or plumbing trenches. Caprock shovels feature a low lift angle and are great for vertical digging. Saw-toothed shovels can saw through roots and hard soil to clear the way for planting.

Tough soil, roots, and fibrous plants can be easily cut through with spear head spades. The shovels feature uniquely shaped blades that combine the best features of spades and shovels to produce a tool capable of reducing the effort needed to dig. This means increased productivity since workers can dig more holes before tiring. For tougher roots or other obstacles, browse our selection of striking tools to help clear whatever may be in your way.

Scoop shovels are the best choice for moving loose materials. The Poly Scoop Shovel is practically indestructible and is a true multipurpose tool. We carry several types and sizes to easily and efficiently move any loose materials including soil, mulch, and decorative gravel. Our scoop shovels come in a variety of different types of handles, including wood and fiberglass. Both D-grip and straight-handled scoop shovels are available.

For tasks that require more refined cutting and scraping, our selection of garden spades has what you need to complete the job. A Round Point Shovel with a Straight Handle is the best type of shovel for digging. The durable steel shovel blade is distinguished by a rounded edge, dished shape, and pointed tip. Digging and transferring material are the primary uses of shovels. Typically used in landscaping, gardening, and construction work, shovels can be used in many ways, whether you are digging a hole into the ground to create a new home for plants, utilities, and other outdoor features. There are many shovel types for specific applications. A round point digging shovel will always help get the job done when in doubt.


Whether you’re a professional landscaper or first-time gardener, there are just some tasks that are too difficult to complete without the assistance of quality pruning tools and equipment. You’ll find what you need to reach and clear the highest branches and most difficult shrubbery. Reaching tall trees and other difficult areas in your yard is not an easy task. Our selection of loppers is intended to make that job easier for you.

Our Bahco Professional Heavy-Duty Lopper with 2-inch Cutting Capacity is our premium lopper option and features a 32-inch overall length and an entirely steel construction. For more heavy-duty yard tools that will help you clear any unwanted objects from your yard, browse our selection of striking tools. For something more affordable that still offers 1.5 inch cutting capacity, consider our Professional Lifetime Loppers. Available in sizes ranging from 20 inch to 28 inch, you can be sure to find a lopper that suits your needs at a price that works for you. Whether it’s loppers or another tool, Pantano Outdoor Supply provides quality products to make your life easier. Browse our entire selection of gardening and landscaping tools today.

Pole Pruners

Pruning tall trees is not easy. It is difficult to saw a branch that’s several feet up in the air. Bigger bushes can also be difficult to prune properly due to their size, especially if access to the bush is limited due to the bush being up against a wall or fence. Pantano Outdoor Supply has a great selection of pruners, pole pruners, and other pruning tools and equipment to reach branches in the most difficult places.

We carry quality brand name pruners and pole saws such as Leonard, ARS, and Corona. We have pole saws in various blade sizes and styles to help you easily cut through any size branch. We also feature a choice of fiberglass or wood for the pole handle. Some pole saws come with telescoping handles, allowing you to adjust the handle to any length required to make the job that much easier. For a wider selection of saws that will help you cut through any branch, check out our pruning saws.

Pole Saw

Our pole loppers make quick work of smaller branches. For the best of both tools, try our pole pruner and pole saw combinations. If you’d like to create a custom pole saw, we carry telescoping aluminum saw poles up to 18.5 feet long and saw heads as well, so you can create a tool specifically tailored to your needs. Replacement saw blades are also available for your tree trimming tools, so you can always have a spare blade around just in case it is needed.

Combination tools are handy because there is always a choice of tool, and you can decide on the fly which is the best tool for the branch, tree, or bush. Once you’ve completed your task, you can use our quality push brooms and cleanup tools to help leave your area looking spotless.

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Pantano Outdoor Supply recommends the essential gardening tools you will need this spring should include a trowel, fork, hoe, rake, shovel, pruning shears, loppers, wheelbarrow, and watering equipment. For the lawn, you need a mower, trimmer and edger. Happy growing!

Stop by and browse our extensive landscape equipment selection and let our team recommend the right products at a reasonable price.