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Spring will be here before you know it, and that’s good news for just about everyone. Especially for those homeowners who are itching to feel a garden tool in their hands again. Gardening is a passion, not just a hobby, with many people. The hard work is always worth it when you get to stand back and enjoy how beautiful your yard looks. It not only makes your home look brighter and more cheerful, it can inspire and change a neighborhood. Planting new growth is a large part of spring garden, but its maintenance is ongoing. To keep weeds at bay consider using cedar mulch. When they need bulk mulch, NJ gardeners often choose cedar because it’s naturally beautiful and can keep pests away. Cedar mulch looks attractive, has a wonderful aroma, and can deter weeds and bugs. Call your favorite local Monmouth County cedar mulch company for a delivery soon.
Monmouth County Cedar Mulch

Monmouth County Cedar Mulch | Color

So, why should you choose real cedar mulch over a recycled, discount brand? Not all mulches are the same quality, material, texture and properties. To get the truly beautiful, natural and long-lasting red color, you have to buy real cedar mulch. Some mulches may only be a recycled non-descript material with a red color from dyes. The greatest advantage to authentic cedar mulch is the color, and how long it will stay beautiful. Natural cedar takes a longer time to break down, meaning hardier color, and less replenishing, which saves time and money. Beautiful red cedar mulch is ideal for flower beds and around trees and shrubs.

Monmouth County Cedar Mulch | Repel Insects

Anyone who has ever had a cedar closet or cedar chest already knows just how wonderful cedar smells. People use cedar blocks in closets and drawers to keep pesky bugs away. That same lovely cedar scent can also keep them out of your flower beds and from around your trees. You can deter pests like ants, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks from your yard with the use of natural cedar. These unwanted visitors can cause damage to your plants, and be a nuisance when you just want to enjoy your yard. Not only will cedar mulch keep the bug population down, you will get to enjoy its pleasing aroma.

Monmouth County Cedar Mulch | Year Round Protection

Obviously one of the biggest purposes for using mulch is to keep weeds out of your flower beds. When you lay down a layer of beautiful natural cedar mulch, you are preventing weeds while feeding the soil. Maintaining a garden is a lot of work, and the weeds are relentless. Cedar mulch can be a big part of maintaining the appearance of your property. In the summer, the layer of protection can keep moisture in the soil, and prevent it from drying out. This same layer of protection can keep soil from freezing during the frigid winter months, and prevent roots from freezing, too.
Cedar mulch has many advantages over other mulch counterparts. When you buy generic mulch you can’t even be sure what materials you are getting. Always make sure it is authentic, natural cedar wood to get all the benefits. The true red color is long lasting and the pleasant aroma can deter garden pests. Use cedar mulch all year long to keep your garden’s soil healthy and at a constant temperature. It keeps weed growth down, and look absolutely stunning while doing it. Weeds are a problem during the growing season, so you need to be proactive in keeping them in check. Keep them out of your yard with a beautiful barrier delivered from your local Monmouth County cedar mulch supplier.


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