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As any homeowner will testify, yard work is an ongoing endeavor. There’s always something to do; grass to cut, beds to weed and tend, and for most homeowners, leaves to clear. Trees provide useful shade in summer, and can border properties and act as natural fencing. They are an attractive and useful addition to your property most of the time. Once the temperatures start to drop, however, they become a real nuisance. Clearing leaves off the lawn becomes a full-time event. Unfortunately, it does take time, but you can make the job quicker and easier when you use leaf blowers. In order to keep up, you probably need to do your yard at least once a week. Fortunately, you can save yourself time, energy, and your aching back with the right equipment. To find out more, contact a Monmouth County leaf blowers supplier, and hang up your rake for good.

Monmouth County Leaf Blowers

Monmouth County Leaf Blowers | Battery Operated

Your choice of leaf blower is obviously going to depend a lot on the size of your yard. For smaller properties, battery operated leaf blowers offer many advantages. They are lightweight, and easy to carry around. The batteries do limit how long the leaf blower runs, but for a smaller yard, this is usually not an issue. Battery operated leaf blowers are also an ideal choice for someone who is older or someone who needs something lighter. Another advantage is that they are more environmentally friendly, and do not emit any fuel odors. If you don’t like to feel tied down, cordless battery powered blowers are a good choice.

Monmouth County Leaf Blowers | Gas Powered

If you have a larger property or more trees dropping more and more leaves, you might prefer a gas-powered option. Gas powered leaf blowers still have an advantage over electric models because you don’t have to worry about limiting cords. But with a larger area to cover, you might run out of battery before you run out of yard, or leaves. With gas powered models, you have more liberty and flexibility to move around. You also have more power, so you can get rid of leaves with less effort. Gas powered models make cleaning large areas easy because you don’t have to wait for a recharge.

Monmouth County Leaf Blowers | Finding a Supplier

If you are looking for a new leaf blower, it can be difficult to know which option to choose. You have to decide between electric, cordless battery operated models, or gas leaf blowers. To make the right choice, you should talk to a professional. Make sure you contact a company with knowledge and experience in gardening. Large chain stores won’t offer the personal service you deserve. Choose a specialty store that cares about you as much as you care about your property. Then you will be sure to get the best advice as well as the best equipment.

Trees are a wonderful addition to a property. Woods, tree lines and natural foliage are all beautiful to look at and enjoy. But they do mean a lot of upkeep and work, especially for those living in the northeast. If your yard becomes an unsightly carpet of leaves every year, you and your lawn could benefit from a leaf blower. There are many advantages to clearing the fall leaves from your yard. Leaf cover can block sunlight from getting to the grass, which can deter growth, and deplete health. Moist leaves also retain a lot of water, which can cause mold and rotting on your lawn. Call a Monmouth County leaf blowers specialist and check out the line offered by Husqvarna for your perfect choice.

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