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Thinking of adding Monmouth County Red Mulch to your garden? Mulch is one of the best things you can add to your flowers, plants and trees. The protective barrier that mulch gives around your plants and soil is very important. At Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply we have bulk mulch. There are several advantages to adding mulch to your garden.

Monmouth County Red Mulch

Monmouth County Red Mulch | Blocks Weeds

When you use mulch in your garden, you are able to control the growth of weeds within your plants. This will limit the weeds from springing up in the open spaces of your garden. When weeds are allowed to come up throughout your garden, they can choke the plants and prevent them from growing healthy.

Monmouth County Red Mulch | Keeps Moisture

Mulches absorbs water. Mulches cover the soil and reduces the amount of evaporation and keeps the moisture in the soil especially during the hot summer months. Mulch also helps you out with your water bill, since the ground maintains moisture and doesn’t dry up as quickly. Since the mulch keeps the water trapped in the soil, rainwater cannot wash away the soil. When the soil is moist, rainwater does not hit the soil hard and cause an erosion. Mulch always protects your soil.

Monmouth County Red Mulch | Nutrients in Soil

The nutrients in the soil is important for the plants and flowers. Mulch protects them from any nutrients from being washed away. Some red mulch is a wood product that has been colored to appear more attractive. Because of its color it makes the landscaping stand out which can be effective on pathways. When the red mulch starts to fade away in color due to the sun, rain or snow, it means it is time to replace. When adding mulch into your garden the natural oils from the mulch can be an insect repellant. But some mulch can encourage insects to your garden, it is best to research which type of mulch is best for your landscaping.

Monmouth County Red Mulch | Red Mulch

Some mulch is produced from redwood or cedar. Some require additional coloring, yet some have a natural red color. The difference in color between red mulch and the flowers and plants are appealing. Some landscape companies use the red mulch for the additional nutrients derived through the decomposition benefits by the plants and flowers. Red mulch is commonly used when growing tomatoes and strawberries.

Monmouth County Red Mulch | Garden

When using organic mulching it may encourage earthworms which are good for a healthy soil. Mulch can give a garden a complete finished look filling up any empty spaces and giving your landscape an attractive curb appeal. Adding mulch around trees can give a healthy growing environment. Mulch is easy to take care. It only needs to be replaced as you see the color fading away. Old mulch should be replaced before it causes damage to plants in the same area. To determine which type of red mulch to use depends on the reason you want to use it. A professional will help you find the right mulch that is needed for your landscaping.

Searching for the best Monmouth County Red Mulch? Come and visit Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply. We are your one stop landscape supply center. You can choose from many different bulk mulches. We are New Jersey’s largest and best quality supply shop for all your mulch, soil, stone and all landscaping needs. Whether you are a homeowner, landscaper, contractor, builder or architect, we are here to assist you in incorporating these materials into your landscaping projects. We also sell bulk stone and mulch, landscape tools and supplies, lawn and turf care products drainage supplies, landscape lighting and snow and ice products. Stop by today!

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