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gallery-20Life began in a garden. Ever since, mankind has been busy working with plants, putting them into the soil, nurturing them, fertilizing, watering and weeding them. Those who don’t work with plants nevertheless find pleasure in the gardens and landscapes created by others. Every nation, culture and period of history has produced noteworthy gardens, such as the one overseen by King Solomon, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and those established by the ancient Romans, Egyptians and Assyrians, to name a few. Decorative gardens abounded in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan times and on down to the present day. It is safe to assume that as long as there are eyes with which to behold beauty, there will be gardens.

Why are some gardens so much more beautiful than others?

What makes a garden a delight to the eyes? While landscape design, plant placement, hardscape and topography are integral to all gardens, nothing is as important as the quality of the plantings themselves. It is a fact that exquisite gardens are filled with premium plants. The concept of “premium” is one with which most people are familiar. There are regular coffee beans, small and sometimes crumbly, and then there are premium beans, fat, oily with aroma, and perfect. Regular vegetables are smaller, misshapen, and might have a blemish or two. Premium veggies are worthy of gracing the cover of a food magazine: ripe and plump; perfection personified. The most beautiful of gardens, particularly in New Jersey, are so perceived precisely because they’ve been planted with Pantano Premium Plants, such as Nellie Stevens Holly and Flowering Shrubs to serve as a backdrop to beds filled with premium perennials and flowering annuals.

What makes Pantano plants so special?

The differences between a Pantano premium plant and one purchased at a big box store are multi-faceted. Pantano contracts with the nation’s top growers and purchases only the best of the best. Their superior quality plants are chosen on the basis of characteristics such as root structure, size, vigor and health. Next, Pantano plants are carefully nurtured, sheltered from sun when needed, carefully watered and fertilized with biologically appropriate fertilizers that will not burn tender young foliage or roots. Their caretakers are knowledgeable about plants, quick to spot potential problems and skilled in their remediation. Plants at the discount stores are likely root-bound, over or under watered, fertilized with a “one size fits all” fertilizer (if at all) and in general are not cared for as well. Pantano employees, in contrast, know and understand plants.

Pantano premium plants are the key to establishing a beautiful, healthy and vigorous landscape. Pantano serves the entire greater New Jersey area and invites all gardeners to stop by and see what’s new. If you’re planning a brand-new transformation, feel free to bring your contractor along! Come see what Endless Summer Hydrangea, Knock Out Roses and Nellie Stevens Holly are supposed to look like! Monrovia’s “distinctively better” plants are available and special orders are accepted. Come and experience the nursery and landscape supply that is as excited about transforming your outdoor space as you are!

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