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Are you looking for a supplier of pavers in the Central NJ area? Pantano Nursery & Landscape Supply offers a variety of Techo-Bloc pavers in Monmouth County. Techo-Bloc is a prominent North American producer of long-lasting pavers that was founded in 1989. They strive to provide homeowners, contractors, and designers with a vast assortment of options to ensure that they find the perfect product for their needs. Over the years, Techo-Bloc pavers have established a solid reputation among Monmouth County homeowners, designers, and architects for providing distinctive designs for outdoor spaces. Techo-Bloc products are created to give one-of-a-kind looks to outside locations. Maybe you’ve never heard of them, and they’ve piqued your interest, or you’re thinking about one of their pavers for your construction project. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of Techo-Bloc pavers.

Techo-Bloc Paver Supplier in Monmouth County

Techo-Bloc Pavers in Monmouth County | What Are They Made Of?

Techo-Bloc is a well-known paver maker composed of a variety of aggregates and sand. It’s stronger and longer-lasting than other materials like limestone and sandstone. The ultra-detailed texture process (HD2) that creates the pavers creates greater particles per square inch of stone, resulting in a strength 1.5 times greater than concrete. Techo-Bloc products, like natural stone, blend in with outdoor settings. The company produces pavers, edges, masonry veneer, and slabs for design freedom. This permeable stone prevents potential flooding and saves money on de-icing expenses by allowing for optimal percolation of surface water into the ground.

Monmouth County Techo-Bloc Pavers | What Are The Benefits?

Product reviews on Techo-Bloc pavers frequently emphasize their quality exceeding expectations. And for good reason, considering the advantages listed below:

Monmouth County Techo-Bloc PaversSafety & Durability:

Techo-Bloc is one of the most scratch, scuff, and chip-resistant pavers available. It’s safe to work with ice-melting materials and requires minimal upkeep and care. The joints provide mobility while avoiding cracking, yet they enable subtle movement. Techo-Bloc pavers have a minimum compression strength of 8,000 psi and maximum water absorption of 5%. These stones are built to last, and if there are any problems, Tech-Bloc will replace them for free.

Weather Resistant:

Saltwater is used to test Techo-Bloc pavers for resistance against salt damage, whether from the natural environment or de-icing chemicals used during winter. Its low absorbance rate protects it from harsh weather degradation, and its natural color blending does not fade from UV radiation or corrode due to acid rain. All Techo-Bloc products come with a lifetime transferable warranty, which is a huge benefit. When you install Techo-Bloc pavers in Monmouth County, they will be able to withstand the elements without hassle, including freezing and thawing.

Huge Variety of Uses:

Tech-Bloc pavers are great for driveways, walkways, pathways, steps, fire pits, pool caps, and garden edging. Whether you want to create a pathway between your home and the outside or renovate your outdoor entertainment space, Techo-Bloc offers the ideal mix of durability and aesthetics. Techo-Bloc is available in over 20 colors, ranging from Merlot to Charcoal and Ivory. Its unique textures are comparable to natural stone, concrete, and even wood. You’ll be able to discover a hue that looks great with your environment and structure regardless of your project.

Perfect With Swimming Pools:

Slick-gliding Techo-Bloc walkways and pool coping provide a slip-resistant walking surface that can be covered over the pavers with special anchors for further pool deck safety. This paver is superior to its counterparts in terms of moisture resistance and versatility, as it may be used for straight edge and bullnose pool copings as well as wall caps.

Monmouth County Techo-Bloc Paver SupplierThey Require No Sealing:

The pavers will never fade or deteriorate if left unpainted. The sealer is not necessary to keep the Techo-Bloc durable. The only benefit is that it may improve stain resistance and make the pavers easier to clean. The disadvantage is that it can deepen or darken the color of the paver stones. It’s optional to seal Techo-Bloc; just keep in mind that all sealers need to be reapplied every 3-5 years. Pavers should only be sealed for aesthetic reasons; as long as you don’t abuse them, the quality of stone will remain unaffected.

Helps Prevent Weed Growth:

Properly installing Techo-Bloc pavers in Monmouth County involves filling polymeric sand in the joints to prevent the growth of weeds and grass. Polymeric sand is a combination of granular material that locks fine sand particles together to stop pavers from moving over time. However, preventing moss from growing in shaded areas is difficult. It’s possible to prevent it with a 10-to-1 water-to-bleach mixture sprayed onto it. If weeds and moss reappear after this treatment, seek the advice of a landscaping pro to figure out what caused them to grow back.

Restrain Shifting Ground:

The combination of Techo-Bloc pavers, bedding, and joint sand, as well as edge restraints, interlock to form a solid surface that can endure the elements and traffic when installed correctly. Its non-moving surface prevents cracking and fractures. Interlocking pavers are especially robust because they don’t sink or buckle. If necessary, they can be reused without consequence after deconstruction to make room for subsequent construction work.

Looking for the Best Supplier for Techo-Bloc Pavers in the Monmouth County, New Jersey Area?

Searching for a great supplier of Techo-Bloc pavers in Monmouth County, NJ? Contact Pantano Wholesale Nursery and Landscaping Supply today. We provide a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. Pantano is the largest landscaping provider in the United States. We sell a full line of landscape and building stone. We also have a large supply of mulch and garden products. Come and visit us today!

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