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Homeowners tend to fall into one of three categories. There are those who consider their home a place to eat, sleep and change clothes, but whose lives are outwardly focused on careers, travel, and the like. Then there are those who are primarily concerned with the interior of their home and enjoy painting, decorating and creating ambiance. The third category enjoys being outside, appreciates the beauty of plants, and loves nothing more than to transform a plot of uninteresting grass into a beautiful and interesting oasis of tranquility, respite, and inviting appeal.

gallery-13 It is the people in this last category who most need to know about Pantano Nursery and our bulk mulch supply in NJ. Just as the homeowner who loves to decorate has a favorite home furnishings store, the person who exercises his or her creativity with plants and landscaping will love discovering the wholesale bulk and stones at Pantano. Pantano is a wholesale nursery and landscaping supply center that offers wholesale prices to contractors. Anything a person might desire in the way of landscape plantings or hardscape options is likely to be featured at Pantano. Not only do we have the most competitive prices in the area, but we have the best variety as well.

The person who simply wishes to spruce things up for the summer will be pleased to learn that they can purchase wholesale bulk mulch in NJ for their foundation plantings, garden beds and play areas. In fact, Pantano has the most extensive selection of bulk mulch and stones to be found, providing an assortment of over 30 soils, mulches and stones from which to choose. Selections include Pink Carnation, White Marble Chip and River Jack stones, mulches like Triple Shred, Red Dye and Black (guaranteed to maintain its rich coloration through two full seasons), as well as fill dirt, sand and screened topsoil.

gallery-12In addition to a supply of bulk stones, Pantano also has a lovely selection of palletized wall stones, bulk boulders, and veneers for those extra special hardscape projects that are sure to make your landscape unique. More people are learning how affordable it is to take advantage of the outdoor space already in their possession, utilizing it as an extension of their home’s interior for the purpose of family gatherings and entertaining. In addition to adding curb appeal and increasing a home’s overall value, the use of plants, hardscapes and grounds combined with bulk mulch and stones is a great way for a family to share a healthy group activity and take pride in a beautiful home.

The homeowner who enjoys all that the outdoors has to offer – soft breezes, green lawns, shady trees, the sound of trickling water and flower gardens nestled before stone walls – will quickly discover that Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply is an invaluable source of both quality, affordable supplies and knowledge. Do you want to know if a plant needs shade or sun? Ask one of our employees! When you are wondering about the pros and cons of different mulches, someone at Pantano can help you out. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and let us be your ally in creating the most beautiful and unique outdoor sanctuary to surround your home!

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