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Power washers (often called pressure washers) are excellent cleaning tools used for any number of tasks. Whether you need to remove grime and crud from the driveway, prepare a deck for staining, or get the house ready for a fresh coat of paint, power washers are indispensable tools. Power washers are pieces of equipment that combine water and a cleaning solution (or water alone) with compressed air, creating a powerful spray. This results in a huge saving of manual labor.

Cleaning that once had to be done on one’s hands and knees using chemicals, or by using sand blasting equipment or steam cleaners, can now be done with a lot less effort and elbow grease through the use of power washers. The use of sometimes unwieldy equipment resulted in injuries and harsh chemicals were dangerous to both the operator and the environment. The invention of the pressure washer filled a much needed niche.

power-washingPower washers for rent in New Jersey are capable of removing not only surface dirt and grime but that which is deep down and ground into the surface of the targeted cleaning area. Removing as much dirt and grime as possible from the surface will go a long way to ensure proper adhesion of new paint or stain. The spray generated by pressure washers is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and openings, greatly improving the quality of cleaning.

Power washers for rent in NJ are available from many sources including do-it-yourself centers, home improvement centers and Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply. Using a pressure washer to clean your home’s exterior is a perfect way to get it ready for the upcoming holiday season. Having a pristine backdrop for those outdoor lights to twinkle against or to accent that fresh garland can be accomplished by renting a power washer.

A significant amount of time can be saved when you rent a Gravely 3000 PSI pressure washer. Imagine being able to stand upright as you prepare your deck for a fresh coat of stain. Power washers are fairly easy to use – connect a water hose to the washer, turn it on, and start spraying. Power washers come equipped with wheels for easy mobility, a spray wand with trigger control, and a long hose for hard to reach spots.

There are significant environmental benefits to using power washers as well. Generally the use of high-pressure water alone is enough to take care of all but the toughest of cleaning projects. The sheer force of the water pressure is usually more than adequate to remove dirt or grime buildup. The elimination of harsh or toxic chemicals is eliminated and does not run off into waste water drains, streets, or your lawn.

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