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Countless homeowners have trees in their yards that they no longer want. Whether the tree is causing a safety hazard or is simply in the way of a new landscaping project, it will need to be removed at some point. A landscaping company will often cut down the tree, but it leaves behind a stump in its place. This can cause just as much of a safety hazard and still does not leave room for any new projects homeowners are hoping to start work on. A stump grinder will take care of the problem, fully removing the remaining part of the tree so it no longer takes up space in the yard. Stump grinders for rent in New Jersey are ideal because renting offers several benefits over purchasing a grinder that may only be used once.


Affordable Rates

One of the biggest advantages of simply renting a stump grinder, rather than buying one, is that renting can be done at affordable rates. Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply allows customers to rent a grinder for a fair price. We allow renters to take the grinder home for a day but have other options as well.

Rental Time Based on Needs

One day use is not all that is offered for rental terms. Homeowners who have several stumps to remove may need the grinder for several days or longer. A full week rental is available to meet their needs. There is even a month long rental for those who require the equipment for longer term projects. For smaller stumps, one day and half day rentals are also available.

Delivery and Pick-Up

Stump grinders do not have to be picked up or brought back if you do not have the time to do so. Supply companies will deliver the grinder to you and even pick it up once the rental term is completed. This is especially ideal for the weekly and month-long uses where you may have had other circumstances come up and can’t return the item in time.

Homeowners looking to rent a stump grinder can contact Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply. We offer everything from grinders to mowers and have brands that customers can trust. Renting a stump grinder is often a better alternative to making such an expensive purchase, especially for those who only require a one-time use.

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