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sod-cutterSod cutters provide an easy and quick way to removed unwanted sod. Whether you are planning a garden bed, flower bed, or patio area, the use of a sod cutter to remove sod saves wear and tear on the operator’s back, not to mention the time saved. Sod cutting machines slice the turf level with the roots, however, the blades are adjustable to varying depths. If enough of the sod’s roots are taken, and it is in good condition, the sod can be reused elsewhere.

Sod cutters for rent in New Jersey come in a wide variety of models and levels of horsepower. Depending on the frequency of use, renting might be a better option for most homeowners, rather than purchasing a sod cutter outright. The average cost of renting a sod cutter for one day is typically less than $100, whereas purchasing a sod cutter can run as much as $1000 or more, depending on size and model. Available sizes of sod cutters range from hand-held to large gas powered models.

Renting a sod cutter or any piece of garden equipment is an easy process. Many of the big-box home improvement stores offer rental equipment, as well as farm and garden stores, feed stores, gardening centers, do-it-yourself stores, and nurseries like Pantano. Be sure to look at all of the available models to determine the one most appropriate for your use. Ask that one of our employees show you how to operate the equipment before renting it. Nothing is more frustrating than renting a piece of equipment and then realizing you don’t know how to operate it once you get home.

One of the most important things to consider regarding sod cutters for rent in NJ is what exactly you plan on using it for. If you will be clearing an area for a pathway, garden, or flower bed, a smaller, compact model may be adequate. However, if you plan on clearing a larger area, let’s say for a swimming pool, or you have an area that is overrun with vegetation that needs to be cleared, than a large, gas-powered piece of equipment is called for.

Another factor to consider when deciding on a sod cutter to rent is its ease of use. Some are manual, meaning that the operator literally has to kick it in order for the blades to cut. A self-propelled type with front-drive wheels that are self-driven, versus models that are friction driven. Since the drive wheels are the hardest working items of a sod cutter, look for a model with large, wide wheels. Additionally, look for a model that has the blade located between the front and rear wheels, which results in a consistent cutting thickness. Comfortable operation is another factor not to be over-rated. Many models have rubber-mounted anti-vibration handles and easy to choose depth and gear selection options.