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There are many pieces of lawn equipment that are only needed once or twice a year, then have to be stored and maintained the rest of the year. This equipment can take up a lot of space and look unsightly. Why not consider fall equipment rentals from our quality nursery supply business, Pantano Nursery and Landscape Supply? Since lawn equipment can be very expensive, why buy when you can rent your fall equipment and tools? Rented equipment goes back to the supplier to maintain and store when it is no longer needed, saving you the trouble and worry.

Another reason to rent your fall equipment at Pantano is that we give our customers the attention, service, and how to operate information that will make fall lawn and landscaping jobs easier. By renting equipment, you can often get a better, bigger piece of equipment to use than you could afford to purchase. Customers have over 2,500 items available to rent with rates for 1/2 days, full days, weekly, or monthly. There are well-known brand names such as Ariens, Husqvarna, SnowEx, Echo, and Gravely to choose from. If you do not know what equipment will work best for the lawn job, our knowledgeable employees can advise you. Our employees will also give tyou instructions on safely operating the equipment you are renting.

Some of the fall tool rentals available are hedge trimmers, mowers, stump grinders, thatchers, tillers, leaf blowers, sod cutters, jack hammers, seeders, and chain saws. There is equipment available to rent for almost any fall lawn or landscaping chore you can think of. Need a brush cutter? The equipment rental department has them. When it snows, there are even snow plows to rent. Big box stores will sell you yard maintenance equipment that may or may not be right for the job. Often the salespeople will not be able to tell the customer how to operate the equipment. A nursery and landscape supply company has the knowledge to advise you on what equipment will do the job you want to do and how to operate it.

Renting the equipment will cost a fraction of what purchasing it would cost. When the job is done, the equipment goes back to the rental department, not in the garage or garden shed taking up space. Renting equipment gives you a chance to test out pieces of equipment you may want to purchase later. While renting gardening and lawn equipment, you can purchase all the products needed to get the lawn and garden ready for winter. Some grass seeds, plants, and trees are actually better planted in the fall.

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