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snow-blowerWinter requires good preparation to get through it comfortably. It is not just a matter of shorter days and colder temperatures, but the many inches of heavy and cumbersome snow that need to be moved can make winter difficult. A shovel can only do so much and when long walkways, parking lots or driveways need to be cleared – it takes heavy duty equipment to do it correctly.

Purchasing snow blowers is easiest when you know exactly how much space you want to clear during each storm. A small machine is suitable for homes that usually have their parking areas plowed and have only narrow paths to keep clean. For businesses with sidewalks or homeowners with lengthy walkways, a heavy duty model that can power through a foot or more and maintain its traction on the slickest surfaces would be a better option.

There are numerous features that make each machine a little more appealing to different customers. Small but powerful machines with foldaway handles are perfect for homes with only small amounts of storage space. Adjustable deflectors allow the user to direct the flow of snow away from vehicles, homes and landscaping. Heated handles and an electric start on basic models make them simple to operate and comfortable to use. Power steering makes controlling heavy-duty machines easier even when tackling the toughest storms.

Purchasing snow plows will also include a variety of options. Heavy-duty plows keep commercial contractors in business, but can be a little too much for the average driveway. Most residential yards will be cleared easily with a seven-foot straight plow. Parking lots for apartment buildings or private roads are usually more difficult and a lightweight commercial plow will be needed to work accurately.

Spreaders and sprayers are a necessity for scattering salt and sand over large areas quickly and easily. These materials reduce falls and prevent accidents. They are affordable when used along with bulk ice supplies and there are models that can fit the largest commercial truck or attach onto the back of any passenger pick up or SUV. These work efficiently to provide good coverage without wasting any product along the way.

Being prepared before any snow falls is the only way to maintain any yard or walkway adequately. It only takes missing one or two small storms before it can be nearly impossible to clear the packed snow and ice properly. Be ready for this winter by having on-hand all of the equipment anyone could need including plows, snow blowers and ice melting products.


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